Kim Kardashian's pregnancy: whining already?? An open letter to Kimmy

Kim Kardashian's pregnancy: whining already?? An open letter to Kimmy

Dear Kimmy, or can I call you Kimye?

I can’t seem to turn on my computer without seeing you plastered everywhere. It truly annoys me that I can’t seem to escape you. I’d love to as I think there are so many other people in the world so much more worthy of the media space. Just my opinion!

Four days ago it was announced (as though it were the next coming of the Messiah) that you were pregnant with Kanye West’s child. You are now his Baby Mama. Awesome; good for you. I wrote of my disdain for this news although no one seems to really care what I think as they gush all over you, embarrassing themselves. But I digress.

Today I opened my computer to the words: “Kardashian: Pregnancy isn’t as easy as people think”. Admittedly curious what drivels of brilliance you had on the subject, I read the article/watched the video.

Let’s start with your astounding observation that pregnancy isn’t as easy as people think. You may want to have a chat with Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge who is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum. I don’t read about her complaining that pregnancy is hard despite her head being stuck in a toilet most of the time.

And what are you referring to as hard? The fact that your already mega butt is going to become well, more mega? You’re tired? Well darling, you have the luxury of “taking lots of naps”. Many women have these things called JOBS that prevent them from taking “lots of naps”. They suck it up, they do what they have to do. You will have plenty of people at your beck and call if you aren’t feeling well.

When women talk about how much they love being pregnant, do you even understand what they are talking about? They love the feeling that there is a life growing inside of them. The anticipation of holding their new baby is so exciting! The wondering if it’s a boy or girl. There’s also the excitement of not having to hold your stomach in for nine months!! Of wearing stretch pants and finally having a reason to be gaining some pounds! It rocks!

I must say also that you do not sound very excited about having a child. Watching your interview did not give me a single warm fuzzy. You said “”It’s a little painful … But I heard it’s all worth it, so I’m looking forward to that.” Wait, what?? You’ve heard it’s worth it?? Are you wondering about that? How about that you know it will be worth it because of the joy of bringing a child into the world? Have you thought of that?

You were asked if this baby will bring new meaning to the new year. You rambled on about how you think so. What is wrong with you? You did say that your pregnancy, once you get past the stage you are at will become “easier and funner”. Wow, awesome use of grammar!! Better brush up before you start teaching your child. Oh wait, that will probably be up to a group of nannies while you continue to travel the world self promoting.

Well Kimye, you are in for a rude awakening. Once this baby arrives it’s all yours and it’s not easy. At least your sister Kourtney has a “steady” relationship albeit unconventional. You forgot to get divorced before becoming someone else’s Baby Mama and who knows how long your relationship with your “Baby Daddy” will last. You have no real commitment to each other. After all, how can you? You’re already married!!

Do us all a favor. Please do not whine about the difficulties of pregnancy. Or anything else that is “tough” in your life. It’s really insulting. And get excited about this baby. It’s going to love you unconditionally, no matter who you are.

That is all.

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