Kim Kardashian and Kanye West pregnant? More than a 72 day commitment my dear

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West pregnant? More than a 72 day commitment my dear

So Kim Kardashian, queen of the 72 day marriage (although technically she is still married to Kris Humphries) is now pregnant with Kanye West’s baby. Her family is “thrilled” and while I am just a sucker for babies, I think this is just plain wrong.

Most of us who don’t live under a rock recall that Ms. Kardashian originally skyrocketed to fame based on a sex tape she had made with a moderately known “star” named “Ray J”. She didn’t reach fame by doing anything worthwhile, inventing a cure for cancer or anything worth the celebrity she achieved. She simply got screwed, literally.

Since that time Kim K. has become the star of her own family’s reality show, had her face and rear plastered all over magazines, put her name on a perfume creation, and “designed” a line of clothing for Sears. She also was in a three year relationship with Reggie Bush (then recently “devastated” by news that he got his new girlfriend pregnant), married to Kris Humhpries in a lavish televised ceremony for a marriage that infamously lasted 72 days, is yet to be divorced from him, moved on to date rapper Kanye West and as he announced last night at a concert, she is now his “Baby Mama”.

Well Kimmy certainly has been busy. And the sad state of affairs is that she is a wildly popular celebrity with a massive twitter following and this is the example we all get to see. I find it nothing short of tragic that she is worshipped by so many when clearly the girl has done nothing of any redeeming value. And now she is bringing a child into the world.

While there is no reasonable explanation for her fame, the fact remains she has it. So this larger than life (for no reason) celebrity is what girls are looking up to; what her followers see as being fabulous. This is as scary as it is sad.  I am no prude but I would pray that when my own girls have children they are married and certainly not awaiting a divorce from an ex. Call me crazy.

Kanye West is no prize. My only real memory of him (not a huge fan of his music) is of when he interrupted a young Taylor Swift accepting a video music award on national television. He jumped on stage, grabbed the microphone and announced that Beyonce had the best video of the year. What a class act.

This type of celebrity alliance is really where the overall culture of our society seems to be headed. There is nothing sacred anymore. Why get married? Sister Kourtney has two children with her boyfriend Scott Disick and they aren’t married, so why rush into anything? After all, there isn’t even any wet ink on divorce papers from Humphries, it hasn’t been finalized yet. And here we are pregnant with another boyfriend’s baby.

I’m sure that the paparazzi, media and every other news outlet will glorify the birth of this child. Kim will soar to popular new heights as her pregnancy is constantly scrutinized and publicized. And then there will be an innocent baby born to a woman who wouldn’t know commitment if it slapped her in the face. A woman who cried about people thinking her ass wasn’t real.

Well sweetheart, this baby will be real. And the world will be watching. You can’t just decide after 72 days that it just doesn’t feel right. You can’t break up with a baby. Well you can, but that would tarnish your image.

Might I be too harsh?


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