The Holiday card dilemma: Can I please stop sending them?

The Holiday card dilemma: Can I please stop sending them?

For all the years that I have been married I have handled the task of the annual Holiday card process. I call it a process as I’ve never really found much joy in it, Scroogey thing that I am. I find it a task that is unnecessary, particularly now that my children are grown.

Over the years I have enmassed 5 address books, none of which has any complete listing of addresses. Each one represents a different time in my married life; filled with who my husband or I may have been friends or co-workers with at any given time. Some of the people I can’t even remember; some have passed on. Their name still grace the pages frozen in time.

The tradition of sending cards has become so tiresome that I recently announced that I would not be doing it this year. I really don’t think anyone out there is going to be heartbroken they didn’t receive a picture of the four of us. Every year I have tried to be creative with the cards; tried to pick the perfect picture. Last year I had come up with what I believe could be the winner of an inappropriate card contest but I couldn’t go through with it. I sent a “normal” card instead. (Picture above, after a day on a farm learning to shoot a rifle)

See? That’s what I had come to. Just the mere thought of going through the process made me rebellious.

I never wanted to send out Hanukah AND Christmas cards so hence, I have always done the Happy Holidays thing. This covers everyone; offends no one. Like a robot I go through the five address books, write out the addresses (I always have the cards personalized so I don’t have to write our names, that’s how lazy I am) stamp and send. Occasionally I add a little note. But more and more that has become a rarity.

When the girls were little, I used to go through the whole portrait thing or pose them in cute little outfits for the cards. No one wanted to see my husband or I; they were more interested in the girls and how they had grown. It was cute. I even added a dreaded holiday letter a few times for which I wish I could take back. Those typically make me want to wretch as they are filled with all things fabulous.

In those holiday letters it is remarkable how many children are gifted. How many are working on scholarships, receiving accolades from The President and have achieved greatness all by the age of five. Life is perfect in all holiday letters. I’ve yet to see one that said “Yes, David developed a huge drug problem this year and we have him in rehab. Susie got pregnant and eloped with a boy that wasn’t 18 yet so they had to cross state lines. Our house burned down and we are living in a trailer now and our dog died in November on Thanksgiving.”

So now that the girls are adults and living on their own, I just don’t see the need. I have Facebook to wish people a happy holiday as well as post pictures. There are a few people that don’t participate in Facebook that I keep in touch with but I truly believe their hearts will not break without a card from us.

So this year instead of spending money on cards, printing and postage I am going to donate that $30-$40 to charity. Yesterday I donated $20 to Donna’s Good Things. This is the online site of my fellow blogger, Mary Tyler Mom’s charity she created in honor of her daughter, Donna who passed away in 2009 from a rare brain tumor. Pediatric cancer can use that money much more than the post office or Hallmark.

That’s just one place I will put some of that card money to this year. I’ll buy a toy for a tot. I’ll give a $20 to a homeless person. Whatever. It just isn’t going into cards this year.

Bah. Humbug and oh yeah:

Happy Holidays.


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