Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 and the end of an era; kinda

Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 and the end of an era; kinda

Well folks, it’s T minus four days until the long awaited last installment of the epic Twilight series makes its debut. Guaranteed by the end of the weekend I will have seen it and possibly seen it again. That’s right. I’m 55 and a diehard Twihard.

For years I had not picked up a single book to read until a neighbor had mentioned a little book called “Twilight”. She and her book club were reading it and she suggested I give it a shot. I explained that I really didn’t read much and she told me it was an easy read, to just try. It would be worth it. And wow to the wow, was it ever.

I read the first book in a day or two. I hung on every word, couldn’t wait to turn the pages to find out what happened next. I got butterflies as the romance developed between Bella and Edward. I was hooked beyond hooked. I finished reading the series within a few weeks. And then I crashed. I had no idea how I was going to ever read anything else as I was so enthralled.

It’s been four years since the first movie was released. With the end of each film there was the anticipation of the next. Even though I knew what was going to happen in each movie, I loved watching it being played out on the screen. Good acting? Hell no. Cheesy special effects? You betcha. But there is something about the love story that gets me every single time.

There’s something about the love story between them that brought back so many memories of my “teenhood”. Oh the angst! That sick, can’t live without him feeling experienced with first love. When they finally kiss for the first time I remember having a stomach full of butterflies. It was like I was kissing my first love (or someone I thought was, whatever). But that kiss did me in.

In “New Moon” the pain of breaking up (or being dumped, let’s be real) as represented in the book by a sequence of empty pages and in the movie by a kick ass song with Bella staring out a window, was felt with an intensity that many movies can only hope to get out of a person. (Only Twihards know about those empty pages, I had to put the book down after that part as I was too distraught to continue for awhile).

By the time we reached “Breaking Dawn – Part One” I must admit that the story line was beginning to get a bit ridiculous. (I know, I know the whole story line is absurd, but it’s a fantasy and I love that). Still trying to figure out how a vampire/dead person that doesn’t breathe, eat or sleep can knock someone up. Also trying to figure out how a baby can not only be named Renesmee but ages so rapidly. Perhaps that was to soften the creepiness of Jacob “imprinting” on a baby. But I digress.

I am just too sad to see this whole saga come to an end. I am excited to see Bella as a vampire; being stunningly beautiful, never needing sleep, having great sex and never aging! I wanna be bit!! Maybe we all have that fantasy life in our silly heads no matter how old we are. Maybe we all have so enjoyed the taste of that unrequited romance and love that we just don’t want it to end.

So I say let’s come up with some ideas to throw out at Stephenie Meyer. What would you like to see if the story were to continue? Let’s help write the new book. I’m serious folks, cause I am just not ready for this to be over.

Are you?


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  • OMG! My 52 year old friend got introduced to the "Twihard" series through her 13 (now 14) year old daughter and she is just as totally ga-ga over it as you are! It's time for me to check out for myself what I am missing....

  • In reply to jiyer:

    Truly addicting!!! You must!

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