Election 2012: So I voted after all

Election 2012: So I voted after all

Wow, am I a hypocrite or what? I wrote a couple weeks ago about all the reasons I planned to skip the vote this year and here I am having voted after all. It wasn’t an easy decision and up until even last night I was positive I would not do it.

Then this morning came along. I woke up feeling all American and stuff. And with that surge of patriotism that I get from time to time came the realization that we Americans all have a voice. To not use that voice would be well….un-American. I realized that although I had made the decision to vote, I was not sure just who I would vote for (I was raised in a purely Democratic household so I always have leaned that way). I sat in my hotel room in Detroit this morning and did some hard thinking.

I just did a trade show there over the past few days. I’d done one there in September as well; both for the first time in many years. You see, Michigan has always been my territory but I had all but stopped going there as it was too depressing. However, the two shows I did were as if I were in another state. I was writing orders. Opening new accounts. There was optimism. The economy there has picked up. Coincidence with the auto industry and the creation of new jobs? I think not.

Then I thought about that blog I wrote on October 26, just prior to totaling my month end sales figures. And whatdya know: best month in almost 10 years. My husband’s business could definitely use a kick in the pants but I wonder if that could be attributed to the warmer climates we’ve seen in the past year. (He sells replacement windows, need some??) So, which candidate supports the efforts to counter global warming? The one that stated ” President Obama wants to slow the rise of the oceans and that he wants to help American families”? Tell that to the people on the East coast.

For other reasons I was still not thoroughly convinced (leaning further towards my decision to be sure), I polled my Facebook friends for help. I asked for their pitch on who they felt was the best man for the job. I expected a good response but not only was it fantastic, I have some extremely well educated, well informed people in my life that took their time to state their cases (I even received phone calls). Key points and issues that I may not have paid attention to or am just too politically illiterate to comprehend. Often I have said that while growing up, I learned to abhor politics. So I readily admit that I am uneducated on too many political points of view.

However, I still had the right to vote. And the right to make a decision any way that I saw fit. If it meant that there were people that swayed or pushed me in the direction I did end up taking, don’t call me a pushover. I appreciated the input but I’m not a fool. If I didn’t agree with the thought processes, I would not have paid such close attention.

I am a woman with two daughters. I have many friends in the gay/lesbian community. The rights of these groups are of great importance to me, not just the economy. One can’t be so passionate about an issue that we forget so many others. The economy is a huge one yes, but all the others must be taken into account.

So, after this morning in Detroit, turning to my Facebook community for input and a five hour drive to weigh the facts, I drove directly to the polling place. I put my faith in our current President to continue to to work towards a better America. If you don’t agree with me, that’s okay, it’s your right. Just as it is my right to have chosen the path I did. In four years we will see how it went. My true only hope is that this country we live in can find a way to come together.

In the words of one of my favorite blogger friends Exavier Pope who wrote his own reasons for voting Obama today : My name is Teppi Jacobsen and I approve this message.

God Bless America.



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  • This post makes me so happy. Thank you for voting. Even if your vote had gone a different way I would have preferred that you cast it than abstain. Thank you.

  • In reply to Kim Z Dale:

    You're welcome. I feel better having done so. I will admit that I may have let the day go by without voting had I not had the 5 hours of time on the road to deliberate. Sometimes the road can give me clarity. Now let's sit back and wait for the results!

  • In reply to Teppi Jacobsen:

    I am Teppi Jacobsen's Father and I am proud of her...And I approve of her and her message.

  • My reasoning was somewhat similar to yours, Teppi, and led me also to vote for Obama. I don't know if he can "walk the walk" in regards to the economy but in arriving at my decision, I thought a lot about women's rights and the rights of my gay and lesbian friends. It was a close call this year, for sure - I can say I am glad I voted but not in a "right on, absolutely, gung-ho" kind of way. I thought both candidates gave gracious speeches when it was all over, and I wish America a great future. I am thinking of MTM as I say that "hope" is what I voted for!

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