Breast Milk Baby Doll: News all over again?

Breast Milk Baby Doll: News all over again?

This is a repeat of my blog from March 2011 when there was great controversy over this doll. Suddenly it is appearing all over the news, including commentary from Bill O’Reilly.

“Not that I am looking to start an uproar or choose to be that controversial blogger that people will hate, but I have to make my opinions known on this new doll. Breast feeding is a pretty controversial subject on it’s own, let alone promoting gurgling, slurping, sucking dolls to little girls.

Last week, a company named Berjuan Toys introduced “The Breast Milk Baby” (a meager $99). The company insists that it is important for little girls to learn how to breast feed. It’s natural for a seven year old to don a cute little apron with flower appliques for nipples and have a doll suck at them. Don’t you think? It even goes so far as to say that God supports The Breast Milk Baby. Did they ask him?

If they got a chance to talk to him I’d like to get in on that. I have a few questions I’d like to ask him myself. ¬†Like how this doll got on the market in the first place. I know, I know, breastfeeding is healthy and natural. I do not dispute that. But does a little girl really need to practice because it’s natural?

Sex is natural. Should Berjuan Toys develop the “Two Grown Ups Banging Dolls”? They could be anatomically correct with “insert here” instructions. I think that’s a winner. Because we should teach our children EVERYTHING and leave nothing to their little imaginations.

I have two daughters. They weren’t much into dolls when they were little and that was fine. If they had been that would have been fine too. I taught them what I thought was healthy for them at the time and as they grew up I would add things in. I told them about about sex over a dinner with the three of us only. It’s a night I never will forget as we laughed, which involved some spitting out of food as I described “the act”. The timing was appropriate. They were out of diapers.

On top of everything, there are a lot of people that don’t want to see women breastfeed in public. What about little girls? It’s not enough that there are pedophiles galore just waiting to pounce on a cute little girl. But one pretending to have a baby suck at her boob? Maybe I’m being dramatic, I don’t know. What I do know is that a seven year old doesn’t need to pretend¬†anything is sucking at her boob. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. And someone please send this to Giselle Bundchen.”

That was my opinion then and that is my opinion now. Apparently the company hasn’t gotten the message that this just isn’t going to fly here. It doesn’t mean we don’t advocate breast feeding, or that we don’t understand it’s a healthy choice and decision. We just don’t need for little girls to practice. Just yet.


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  • OMG I knew nothing about this! We have a problem with seeing grown women breast feed in public but we are OK with promoting little girls breast feeding, giving the pedophiles eye candy? Disgusting!

  • In reply to jiyer:

    I was just disgusted then and I am now. It looks like they keep trying to bring the doll to the US but we just aren't having it. Overall creepy and strange I believe!

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