Election 2012: please be over

Election 2012: please be over

I have never been a fan of politics as I’ve mentioned several times in the past. As a matter of fact, I detest politics and all that goes with it. I’m glad that on election day I won’t be around. I’ll be out of town on business and just won’t be able to make it to the polling place. Absentee ballot? Nah. If I were home I wouldn’t be voting anyway.

Okay, okay let the barrage of insults and comments begin. I don’t want to vote. It’s that plain and simple. I get lectured when I get this way as I hear the story about how every vote counts and it’s my God given right. Don’t care.

You see when I listen to the debates and try to comprehend all the promises that I see never coming to fruition, I hear this:

President Obama: Blah, blah, blah

Romney: Yes, but blah, blah, blah

I also hear a few yada – yada’s and other assorted blabbering like the teachers voices in Charlie Brown cartoons.

I don’t argue that voting is my right and that I should do it. However, what if I’m not sold on either guy? What if I have reasons for liking them and not liking them? But not enough either way to allow my conscience to cast a vote?

In the 2008 election I walked into the polling place prepared to vote for John McCain. I had grown up in a Democratic household yet I wasn’t fully convinced that Obama was the man. I really wasn’t sure about McCain either but that was my plan. I just kept thinking about how my own life and family had been affected during the Bush administration. I spent eight years wishing that Clinton could be President forever. Don’t care about the cigars, philandering or otherwise. My business was doing great. I had a retail store that was thriving. Gas wasn’t the price of a small condo.

The Bush years only led to me closing my store in October of 2008 as the @$*& started to hit the fan. So, could I really vote for a conservative Republican as was McCain? I had walked to the ballot box, handed in my ballot and then asked for it back. I tore it up. I asked for a new one and after punching the card for Obama, I tore that one up and walked out. I wasn’t convinced then, I’m not convinced of anything now.

I have too many mixed emotions about both. My husband and I are small business owners. In the past year in particular we have seen a frightening change in the economic climate. I see fear; I see angry posts and commentary all over the internet about each candidate. We have felt the pinch of things that people complain Obama has not taken care of but I’m not convinced that Romney will do any better of a job (the issues of women’s rights and marriage equality lead me to Obama yet not strong enough to cast the vote for him). So, do I just vote for whoever I can decide is the lesser of two evils?

My wish is that by 2016 I don’t have to work three times as hard to make the same money I made in 2005. I would like to spend no more than an arm to fill up my gas tank. When I started as a sales rep in 1998 gas prices were under $1 in some areas. That would be good. I’d like to see our troops home with their families for good. I want to see a lot of things.

So, I’ll let everyone else figure it out. I’ll make all of you a bet though, cynical as it sounds. In 2016 we won’t be much better off than we are now with the candidates we have. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

Go ahead, convince me otherwise.



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  • If your point is whether you should vote, possibly 98% of the politicians don't care if you do. If your question is whether it makes any difference for whomever you might have voted, I don't think so.

    If your point is that the election should be over, it is for me, since I early voted. However, instead of heading off the robo calls, apparently it started them. Also, any campaign literature now goes into the recycling bin. I sure would hope that the idiotic commercials (apparently Lyndon Johnson is supporting a congressional candidate) would be over, and, again, they can no longer influence my vote, but they do influence whether I watch the local news.

  • In reply to jack:

    My point is all everything you mentioned and I agree with you. Including all the literature going directly into the recycling bin.

  • Very poignant, Teppi - I fully get where you are coming from. My husband and I chose to quit our high-flying jobs and become independent consultants so we can have the flexibility to enjoy our young son. It's been very rewarding in a lot of days but, my goodness, in this economic climate, how we struggle financially!! Sometimes I miss those days of wine and roses, and I wish we struggled less. I feel that we really shouldn't be having such a hard time finding enough work to pay the bills, but I doubt anyone - Obama or Romney - is going to change our situation. I get you!

  • In reply to jiyer:

    You are so right! The flexibility of self employment is great but the economic climate is enough to give us both a heart attack at times. I just dream of a time when things get easier, not harder. I don't see either man as the one to get that done. Thanks as always for writing!

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