Dancing with the stars voters: Why don't you vote for the stars??

Dancing with the stars voters: Why don't you vote for the stars??

For anyone that watches Dancing With The Stars we all know the ridiculousness of keeping people on the show that either can’t dance or aren’t as good as others. Tonight’s elimination was a prime example of the screwy voting we have endured for 15 seasons. Sabrina Bryan, a casualty voted off way too early in her original season was voted back for this all star season. Yet, tonight only six weeks in she is gone again. The problem: she’s damned good, even amazing I might say. Plus, she had one of the highest scores last night in an unbelievable performance.

So, now let’s turn to what the hell is going on. It’s obvious that as long as networks allow the audience to vote, there will always be rotten decisions as one thing is perfectly clear: popularity beats talent any day of the week. It’s like that on American Idol and the myriad of other reality competitions that allow the public to vote.

The fact that Dancing gives some of these people the title of “Star” is actually quite ridiculous in itself. Bristol Palin?? Nancy Grace?? KATE GOSSELIN??? The Situation??????Puhleeeeease. And then bringing Bristol Palin back to the All Star season?? What is she a star of? Hmmmm, let’s see. Teen pregnancy? Snotty crying jags when her partner isn’t throwing himself at her feet for her talent or lack thereof? The fact that any of these three got past the first week is ludicrous. And so many others that couldn’t dance that sailed into late weeks of competition.

Al three in the bottom tonight were the highest scoring dancers from last night. Any of them could be the winner of this season which in my humble opinion is the best season ever. It’s going to be hard to go back to watching painful performances the likes of Kim Kardashian, Martina Navratilova and Chaz Bono. Yet the best dancers will keep dropping like flies as Kirstie Alley sails through each week. It’s hard to find a crappy dancer this time around but she fits the bill — compared to the others. How could Helio Cantroneves go home and she is still on? And now Sabrina Bryan. Ludicrous.

It’s obvious that the TV networks purposely allow the audience to vote to create controversy. How many weeks went by and each elimination show was followed by the repeated question of “Why the hell is Bristol Palin still on?” The judges sit and shake their heads, act as though they can’t believe what just happened yet this goes on season after season. Voters just keep voting for who they like, not who can dance.

These shows need to stop being referred to as talent competitions. If the networks would just bill them as popularity contests the winners would be at the very least, easier to accept.

So, with this in mind, who do you think will go next week? Who do you think will win the coveted mirrorball trophy? And, if you could choose one person to be on the show, who would it be?

And, do you think they can dance??




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    I agree about popularity being the deciding factor, not the dancing ability. That said, audience voting all stems back to season one, when only the judges voted. John O'Herlihy clearly won, perfect score, while Kelly Monaco made several mistakes, but needed perfect 10s to beat John. She was on ABC soap opera and she got the scores she needed from the judges. There was such a huge outcry from viewers, (especially pro dancers from all over the U.S. ) and terrible backlash, so ABC had a "dance-off" which John won....but from then on came audience voting. They used to show numbers/percentage but no longer do that. Remember when Master P, who could not dance AT ALL lasted til week 5. Len was furious.
    Anyway, I try and vote and get busy signals so gave up.

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    I always vote on the internet and through text messages, way easier and less frustrating!!

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