Bullied: So my friend Carrie Goldman wrote an amazing book

Bullied: So my friend Carrie Goldman wrote an amazing book

Yes, she did. Carrie is not only an accomplished artist and mother extraordinaire, she has now added author to her list.

Las night at the Barnes and Noble in Old Orchard Carrie introduced her book “Bullied: What every parent, teacher and kid needs to know about ending the cycle of fear”. I was unable to share in the event but want to be sure that I share with you, that this is a book that must be read. Here is the link to the Amazon page.

Last year Carrie allowed me to share my own story of being bullied on her blog, “Portrait of an Adoption”. Her own daughter Katie had been bullied in school for carrying Star Wars paraphernalia to school. She was ridiculed for it as she was told it was “just for boys”. Carrie blogged about it, it went viral and led to her researching and writing this very important book.

As a former victim, I can attest to the lifelong implications bullying carries. It changed my life in many ways; many negative ways that have affected my insecurities and self esteem. It needs to be stopped and everyone who has children, knows children, knows parents of children, etc should read this book. Adults are bullied too; they can use this book as well.

We have seen too many lives affected and often ended due to this epidemic. Please take the time to read and share. Someone’s life may change as a result.



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