Mickey Shunick, Lauren Spierer and a white pick up truck, now are you paying attention?

This is going to be short and not so sweet.

When Lauren Spierer went missing last June 3, 2011 video surveillance caught a white pick up truck in the area.

Mickey Shunick went missing may 19th. Video surveillance has picked up yet another white pick up truck.


Here is the video of the pick-up that was seen in Bloomington the night Lauren disappeared:

The pick-up seen when Mickey disappeared:

Someone knows something.


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    I'm glad you see the possible connection too! Young, blonde girls in college towns....vanish....with a white truck around. Hmmmmm

  • I'm from Lafayette & one thing the media hasn't mentioned much but the community is very aware of is that a large carival was being set up in the UL Cajundome lot the night Mickey went missing (she would have most likely passed it on her route). I'm curious if there was any sort of carnival in the area when Lauren went missing.

  • In reply to urmamma:

    Carnival Connection?
    Concerning the question about a carnival in Bloomington, Indiana, when Lauren went missing....Lauren went missing June 3, 2011 -- The IU Fun Frolic (annual fund raising carnival for the university) opened around June 10, 2011...However, for the first time in 54yrs. it did not return this year (due to a gradual decline in profits, per a local news story).
    I must admit, carnivals getting ready to open in both of the girls cities, just before their disappearances is interesting....

  • In reply to shookup:

    Typically when carnivals come to town they don't take a week to set up. They are in and out in a day on each side. I highly doubt the carnival was being set up a full week before.

    Also, as Angela has stated below, we should not stereotype. There has been absolutely no indication in this entire past year that Lauren's disappearance was in any way connected to carnival employees. We all want the girls found so it is natural to develop theories.

  • In reply to Teppi Jacobsen:

    I agree, that there is probably no carnival connection...
    Someone asked, if there was a carnival in the other towns, so I responded, with what I knew.

    However, it wouldn't hurt to check, if the two carnival entertainment companies are in any way affiliates.

    Lauren's parents have hired private investigator Beau Dietal.
    I'm sure they will welcome any serious leads or possible connections @ Beau Dietl Associates at 1-800- 777-9633 or the Bloomington Police Department at (812) 339-4477.

    Below is a link to an article (2 days ago) from "Indianapolis Monthly" on the timeline of Lauren's disappearance.

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    Actually the carnival did not get to nor start setting things up until Sunday late and Monday... So that does not fit the time frame she went missing at all. It's easy to stereotype people but don't just start blaming because of a stereotype without getting the facts.

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    In reply to Angela Moore:

    Actually, even though they hadn't started setting up yet, the workers were still already there staying in their RV's...so relax angela. urmamma is just trying to help...just like all of us.

  • In reply to Courtney Williams:

    Courtney you are absolutely correct, and it should be checked into. I mean if there were carnivals in the area at the time of these other girls missing then it should be checked out.

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    In reply to Angela Moore:

    Just because the carnivals set up after their disappearances does t mean much. If these cases are linked, the abducted is obviously looking for a specific type of person; not just any random Person they can find On the street. Carnivals travel. Who says they all have to travel in a Pack? They also are likely to get some downtime after finishing up a venue. This would give someone plenty of time to stalk their victim and figure out the specifics of their kidnapping plan.

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  • In reply to Andrew Toups:

    My belief is that this was ruled out much too quickly. There are some that think that images blown up of the back of the truck show the silhouette of Lauren. Another theory.

  • In reply to Teppi Jacobsen:

    In the picture you posted the truck bed appears to have a person laying on their back with their right arm resting on their stomach. The truck does look just like the other suspicious truck in the Mickey Shunick case.

  • In reply to Melinda:

    I live in Lafayette. Could you email this pic your talking about? Thanks

  • In reply to John:

    The pictures are above.

  • In reply to Melinda:

    These pictures have been enhanced and do seem to show the silhouette of a person. This is one of the reasons why some people still believe the truck plays a part in Lauren's disappearance. And yes, suspiciously similar to the one in Mickey's case. I just pray that soon both families will have some answers. Lauren will be missing one year this weekend; too long and painful for her family to bear.

  • In reply to Teppi Jacobsen:

    Teppi, I agree. I hope and pray for the families to have some peace and closure also. Thanks.

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    Just saw a bulletin that said a girl from Picayune, Mississippi named Ashley Smith went missing on the 21st. 5'5", 90 something pounds. Could this be coincidence? Or could this be related? This really has me thinking.

  • In reply to Rebecca Hotard:

    Where did you see it? I googled, can't find anything.

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    In reply to Teppi Jacobsen:

    look on facebook under Brendan Lohrke, Lafayette, Louisiana. There's some pictures and info about Ashley Smith from Mississippi

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    In reply to Tona George:

    others were commenting on how strange it is that they couldn't find anything about her on the news or internet either. I guess it's up to us to spread the word for this poor young woman

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    In reply to Tona George:

    I was told yesterday that Ashley smith was no longer missing. I believe she was also living in Or from the new Orleans area.

  • In reply to Tona George:

    I am wondering if this was even reported to police. It doesn't look like it - if it were it would certainly be findable on the internet. Perhaps she has voluntarily left???

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    Yes I'm having great difficulty finding anything related to an Ashley Smith from Picayune, Ms at all other than the FB posts and this Chicago Now reference. Also I just experienced a news stations FB page obviously kicking me off entirely from the page even changed my "like", I was just as encouraging and careful with my comments as the Christians but directly after stating that I'm not Christian but believe in an old saying that to my knowledge is Christian all but one comment was deleted, I asked why and stated it was unprofessional then everything dissappeared. At any rate I will contact the station but after Mickey is found of course.

  • Well my sister has images and awkward feelings bout Lauren spierer everytime she passes a home n bedford indiana.... She was riding with a friend cruising thru bedford and passed a house that made her see images of Lauren... My sister is 13 yrs old and has always had this interesting sense.. There are many many times that things have happened with fam and friends tht she knew absolutely nothing about and with her sense and unusual ability she cld always come up with the answers.... Idk if they have looked in the bedford area for Lauren but if they haven't I believe it wld n a good idea if they wld... My sis went by tht house 3 times and every time seen the same images of Lauren... This incident disturbed my sis so much she moved to Fort Wayne....

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