Lauren Spierer, gone a year

Lauren Spierer, gone a year

Seems like it was just yesterday that news spread of a missing college girl from Indiana University. As I’ve said on many occasions, it hit me hard having a daughter that attended the same school; lived in the same building. She had also frequented the same bar and walked the same paths. I never dreamed a year would come around and her family would be no closer to finding her than they were then. Over 2600 tips and no answers.

In the past few weeks there was some speculation, by myself as well, that the case could be linked to several other missing girls. Particularly Mickey Shunick, another college student that went missing in Lafayette, LA on May 19th. Police have ruled out those connections yet I still have my doubts that there isn’t something linking them together. Just my opinion.

What saddens me the most is the year of pain that Lauren’s parents have gone through. It’s unimaginable to me to wake up every single day and face the nightmare of not knowing what happened to your child. We raise them, do our best to protect and educate them and yet when they leave the nest we can only watch them so much. We have to hope and pray that no harm comes to them; that they remain safe and sound out of our sight.

During this past year, twitter has had its daily feed at the #findlauren hashtag. Friends, family, acquaintances and many complete strangers have reached out every single day for someone to come forward. Her parents have written several open letters to the mystery person that knows where Lauren is and what happened to her. Those letters remain unanswered. One wonders what it will take for that person to materialize.

Someone knows something. That has been the daily mantra for Lauren. The sad thing is there is always someone that knows something about any missing person: the person that is responsible. What are the odds that that person will just simply come forward and admit to it? How does one encourage that person to end the mystery?

Often times innocent people confess to crimes they didn’t even commit. Unfortunately guilty people don’t. I always find myself wishing I could form the right words to get through to the person that took Lauren. I have no relationship to her, I have never met her. Yet, I feel a strange connection to her parents as they are experiencing something that has been my greatest fear. I know people that have lost their children but they know what happened. They know how it happened or the illness that took them. There must be a small degree of comfort in at least knowing – not having to spend your days praying for answers that never come.

I have followed Lauren’s case all year. I have hoped as so many others have that there would be some answers.

All we know is this: one year ago this Saturday evening Lauren left her building in a white shirt and black leggings. Throughout the course of the evening into the early morning hours of Sunday June 3rd, Lauren had been drinking at Kilroy’s Sports Bar. When she left there, she left her cell phone and shoes. She was with a young man named Corey Rossman. The evening has all been constructed by people that were allegedly with her. She went back to her apartment building with Cory where  he had an alleged altercation, was punched in the face and has no recollection of anything after. They then went to another friends apartment and at roughly 5AM, Lauren left to walk home. That’s the last time Lauren Spierer has ever been seen.

The facts that we know of that night have been repeated over and over again Nothing new is ever reported. Her parents continue to live their nightmare; life goes on at Indiana University with students coming and going as though nothing ever happened. Another school year just came to a close. No Lauren.

I wish there had been a connection to the Mickey Shunick case. At least then, there would have been some hope. Even if the outcome was what is feared at least there would be some answers.

I always say that life is not a dress rehearsal; that we only get one go around. I would just love to see the Spierer family not have to spend the rest of their days in this nightmare. So I’ll say for everyone, someone knows something. Please, for the love of God and all things that matter, please come forward once and for all.

Let’s find Lauren.


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