Blog power: a blog, a ring and a reunion

Blog power: a blog, a ring and a reunion
Chicago Ron

Blogs can be a powerful thing.

They aren’t just personal diaries anymore. They have impact on lives and futures. People that love to write can express themselves and in doing so be extremely relatable to others. Blogs simply stated, have power.

Recently a blog appeared on The Chicagonow site from a gentleman (who just happens to be my father) about the changing face of high school reunions as you age. Read here. It was humorous, touching and heartfelt from a 1950 Harrison High School graduate. One lucky enough to still be around and have the memory to write about it!

Recently during a search in Lake Michigan off the shores of a Chicago beach, “Chicago Ron”, a local man that does metal detection as a hobby came across a class ring. In perfect condition. The school name: Harrison High School. Date: 1950. Initials: ACP. Through a google search Ron came across my father’s blog. He posted a comment that he had found that ring. He said he would like to return it if “he” were still around. After all, here it is 62 years later and many of the graduates have since passed away.

Some time later a former classmate of Dad posted that she had gone through her yearbook and found there was one person that fit those initials. However,  it was a woman, not a man.

That woman was not just any woman. In 1975 at my own high school graduation my father walked up to a woman, a total stranger to him and stated her name. I remember looking at him completely dumbfounded as to how he knew my boyfriend’s mother. He did because they had graduated high school together. Her initials? ACP.

When I saw her name on the blog as the potential owner of the class ring I nearly fainted. What were the odds? Then the question became how was I going to find her son? My old boyfriend? Using the most powerful tool of all, the internet, I was able to locate him through Linked In. Naturally he was quite surprised to hear from me. Even more so when I told him why I was looking for him.

I was quite sad to hear that he had not spoken to his mother in 20 years, however she was still with us. Once I knew that I contacted Ron and let him know we might have the owner of the ring. But it was a woman’s ring and he had referred to the owner as “he”. As fate would have it it was a woman’s. He was thrilled! He told me that if he was able to present it to her in person it would give him great satisfaction; it would be his oldest find. Imagine, 62 years later having something special returned to you that you never dreamed of seeing again. The only problem? Would the boyfriend talk to his mother after al these years?

I’m sure it was not an easy thing for him to do. Yet, after a 20 year absence from his life, he called to tell her about the ring. She couldn’t believe what was happening on both counts; talking to her son and finding her ring.

This story is a “to be continued”. Mother and son are going to get together privately for the first time. Then at a later date, we will all meet with “Chicago Ron” to present the ring to Ms. ACP. What a wonderful moment that will be. (Think: movie script)

And all because of a blog.


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  • I wish I had the right words to say how amazing the power on the internet can be. Yeah to you and your dad for connecting the son and mother.

  • In reply to Yoga Mom:

    We are both so pleased with how this is turning out. It really is an amazing story that I would think was fiction!! THanks for writing!

  • My goodness - truth can be stranger than fiction! I hope all goes well for mother and son after all these years.

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