Blog power: A blog, a ring and a reunion; part two

Blog power: A blog, a ring and a reunion; part two
"Chicago Ron" and Antoinette, owner of the long last class ring

On May 10, 2012 I introduced you to what I think was one of the most uncanny stories I’ve ever heard. Since that time, much has transpired. Good things, all good things.

It was an emotional move for my former boyfriend (Scott) to call his mother after a 20 year period of no contact. The reasons are unimportant; personal. But he did it, he picked up the phone and made the move. As I had said in part 1, she was shocked not only to hear from him but to hear about the class ring. After their initial conversation, they got together for lunch and it went well. There is a lot for them to catch up on; many years to make up for.

Once Scott had confirmed that the ring if fact was hers, I contacted “Chicago Ron”. Ron is a Chicago firefighter who began metal detecting as a hobby after losing his own class ring on a California military base in 1983. He never found his own but has found many belonging to others over the years.

Ron was thrilled as this would qualify as the oldest return he has done to date. He is quite a guy as he could very easily sell the items he finds for scrap but tries to find their rightful owners. In this case, as soon as he found the ring in Lake Michigan, he googled Harrison High School class of 1950. That’s what led him to the Chicagnow blog written by Chicago Then about high school reunions. What shocked him was the outstanding condition the ring was in having been in saltwater for 62 years:

Harrison High School 1950 Initials ACP

So the stage was set for the return. Scott and his mother Antionette (ACP) met with Ron just yesterday. He presented her with her ring which she explained she had lost the day she got it. She was at the beach with a group of friends, exactly the place where Ron found the ring. She couldn’t remember or imagine how she had lost it or where. She was so disappointed as when she picked it out she was so very excited; the color was her favorite part.

So better late then never at all, that 1950 graduate from Harrison High School now has her ring back. And not only that, she has her son back too. And Ron has the pleasure and satisfaction of knowing it was he who found the ring and ultimately resulted in such a happy ending.

And all due to the power of a blog.

Here is the video of the day Ron found the ring and yesterday the return. Please note that the man in the red shirt is her son, who she had dinner with after the return.


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  • In this crazy world of people indiscriminately abducted and harmed, thanks for posting this warm and fuzzy story about the ring that endured and, with the help of a blogger and a man who calls himself "Chicago Ron," reunited a mother and a son!

  • In reply to jiyer:

    Truly a warm and fuzzy. I'm just glad that they are on their way to a mended relationship. We all need our mama's :)

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