Kate Middleton pregnant? Can't we just leave the girl alone??

Kate Middleton pregnant? Can't we just leave the girl alone??

Perhaps it’s due to my less than average fascination with royalty that I don’t particularly care whether or not Kate Middleton is pregnant. I didn’t care about the royal wedding last year either. It has nothing to do with disliking royalty as their blood flows as red as mine. It does however bother me that their status causes the public to feel that they have a right to know their private business.

In 1981 when Prince Charles and Diana were married, all the females in my office had their VCR’s set to record the wedding. In all her overly fluffed splendor, Diana not only entered the royal family but the media’s painful scrutiny as well. Never again would she make a move that would go unnoticed. Virtually everything she did short of trips to the bathroom or loo, excuse me, were photographed, reported on and embellished.

American newspapers and magazines have been as guilty as those in Britain in the over reporting of all things royal. The wedding of Charles and Diana was a diversion from every day life; a fairy tale of a prince and his princess. Unfortunately, much of that fairy tale fell to pieces as they divorced.  The paparazzi never gave Diana a moment of peace and as we all know eventually led to her most untimely death. How amazing it would have been for her to witness her son’s own wedding.

Last April the whole world was abuzz as the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton approached. 23 million Americans watched the wedding; 27 million Brits. 50 million total in just two countries. 100 million eyes. While I do understand the interest to a degree, I can’t fathom the reasoning for having to follow everything they do, now that the wedding is a year behind them.

Last week’s PEOPLE magazine cover begged the question “Is she pregnant?” referencing Kate. Which makes me beg the question, “Why do we need to know?” Yes, she is a royal. Yes, she is of prime age to birth some babies. HOWEVER, why can’t the girl be let out from under her microscope?

She was just a regular girl when she met William. She is now a Duchess yet she still wears her blue jeans and as far as I can see and tell, would love to still be considered that regular girl. She reminds me of Diana insofar as taking her duties seriously and appearing very happy handling them. If she is fulfilling her role in public, why can’t her private life be left alone?

A February issue of GLOBE magazine, a huge British tabloid reported that Kate had a miscarriage. This was completely unfounded information. On April 9th they reported that she is pregnant. More unfounded information. It’s really starting to piss her off but she says it very diplomatically. She say’s the rumors are “hurtful” and make her feel “uncomfortable”. Why, why, why? Can’t the girl just enjoy her first year of marriage? Can’t she have time to adjust to being part of the royal family? Most importantly, can’t she have time to figure out just what in the world they do?

I wish that the media would just live and let be. Stop chasing stories that aren’t there. Let the girl be. When she starts to look as though she swallowed a soccer ball, maybe then they can speculate. For now, let her go grocery shopping, ride horses, cook dinner for Wills and enjoy the splendor of the life she has been given. Get the cameras and reporters out of the girl’s very pretty face.

I can also hope for world peace.


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  • The issue on this is similar to Diana--the royals need a Protestant virgin to give birth to the next heir to the throne. Once it appeared that Diana had enough BPD and Charles for some reason wanted Camilla of the Epsom Darby, it was over.

    Supposedly after the Diana trouble (and Fergie trouble), the Queen made sure that Kate got the proper training to handle her role.

    Probably more outrageous is that the same Paris paparazzi decided to harass Pippa, and then the press got all aghast that her bodyguard showed a fake gun. If anyone associated with the royals ever goes to Paris again, they should have a bodyguard with a real gun.

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