This Valentine's Day make Donna your Valentine

This Valentine's Day make Donna your Valentine

This is Donna. Beautiful, hopeful Donna. I did not have the honor or pleasure of meeting this angelic looking child and sadly I never will. When she was 19 months old,  Donna began to show symptoms that would lead to her diagnosis of an aggressive brain tumor, papillary meningioma. In October of 2009, Donna passed away. She was four years old.

Last September during Pediatric Cancer awareness month her grieving mother, a fellow blogger “Mary Tyler Mom”, wrote every day of the month about Donna’s cancer journey. I had never met MTM or her daughter yet over the course of the month, I felt as if I knew them both. As the days progressed and Donna’s condition worsened, the grief I felt for her and her family made me weep. By the end of the month, despite knowing the ultimate outcome of the story I still had hope. Hope that other families would not have to go through this unimaginable pain. Hope that MTM and her family will somehow, someday find some peace.

Through their grief Donna’s family has created the Donna’s Good Things foundation. Their mission is simple:

  • Provide joyful opportunities for children facing adversity, be it economic, familial, social or health related;
  • Encourage your good things by providing an online community where folks can share in words or photos something they’ve done influenced by Donna’s inspiration.

By providing opportunities for other children, Donna’s parents are able to feel that they are reaching out and helping other’s to find joy in the midst of dark times.On March 24, 2012 St. Baldrick’s Foundation (a volunteer-driven charity committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long and healthy lives) will honor Donna in a very special event. The event details can be found here at:

Here’s how you can help:

Sign up as a Shavee or Volunteer at an Event Near You if you are not local. (Once you find an event, click on the blue box that says ‘participate at this event’. If you want to join the Donna’s Good Things team, when prompted say you want to join an existing team, and filter for “Donna” at other events).

Donna never lived to see her fifth birthday, first grade, her baby brother grow up and all of life’s events her parent’s had so prayed for her to experience. In her honor, find it in your heart to make a donation to the St. Baldrick’s event or any other organization that raises funds for pediatric cancer research. It is one of the most underfunded causes despite it being one of the most important. Children our our future. Donna did not have one.

Make Donna your special Valentine. Make a donation today.

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