Twitter, are you paying attention?

Twitter, are you paying attention?

As I have always been a proponent of the welfare of children, I follow some twitter accounts that are devoted to this cause. @Savvyandsafe is one of those accounts. We have come to “know” each other through Twitter as we have a common goal. The safety and well being of all children.

Today, @Savvyandsafe sent me a message asking if I’d seen the twitter feed for an account that promotes the abuse of a man’s daughter by selling her for sex.  They mentioned that they are shocked he has not been stopped. After reading some of the tweets, I too wonder why.

“My daughter in the hospital right now she was choking & stop breathin..I was bout to give her mouth 2 mouth..but hell naw she be suckin dick”. Yes folks, this is what social media is being used for. And somehow, this account has managed to garner over five figures of followers. I can’t decide who is more deranged, the person behind the name or the people that have chosen to follow.

I would like to believe that this person is a fake and doing it for a “joke”. Yet, I fail to find anything funny about it. I’ve always thought I had a pretty decent sense of humor, even a little twisted at times. But this goes beyond the realm of any humor there is.

This begs the question where is Twitter? I have read that since this feed is a “joke”, it won’t be shut down. Yet, why are there no limits? Another account, linked to the one above allegedly posts links to child pornography. So again I ask, why is this feed not being shut down?

There are enough awful things happening to our children these days. Just in the past week I have read about a babysitter that slashed the throat of the little boy he was watching then sent pictures of the dead boy to the child’s mother. A young girl of 7, Jorelys Rivera of Atlanta was kidnapped, raped and murdered. I can’t even open my computer without seeing another story about the abuse, kidnap or murder of a child.

There is a over abundance of crime against innocent children. We can’t do enough to protect them. Instead of people following an account that either promotes or even jokes about child abuse it should be shut down. For anyone that agrees, there is a petition that just began circulating. This is the link:

When I signed up for my twitter account I thought it would be a good source of information, a great way to communicate and to share links to things I may deem important. I did not repeat the name of the twitter account as I do not want to promote it’s viewing in any way. I just believe that Twitter should have stricter rules about the content of their site.

Please sign the petition and take a step towards shutting down the accounts that can harm our most precious commodity, our children.



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  • Since I put it my way, I can't figure out why the pervert was admitting crimes in a manner that could be traced to him. One would think that, besides registration, Twitter keeps track of IP numbers or phone number log ins.

    But, then, again, he is a pervert. There are reports of worse being prosecuted.

    As far as monitoring it, there was a similar thing with craigslist, in that it wasn't clear whether Tom Dart was aggrieved by the fact that the advertisers in the Erotic Services category were engaged in child white slave traffic, or the showing of bare booties. However, at least there there was a category, instead of having to monitor maybe billions of accounts, starting with @geofftherobot. Same with YouTube (on Jimmy Kimmel last night, some five year old used language on a YouTube post that indicated that he knew the terminology of a sex act).

  • Thanks Teppi for helping raise awareness and concern regarding the terrible twitter feed where this "father" promoted the abuse and prostitution of this young teenage daughter. Joke? Spam? Truth? Hard to tell. What was not hard to tell was that each post was a grotesque promotion of child abuse.

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