Same Sex Marriage: How can you argue with this?

You may have seen this video recently as it has made it’s way across Facebook pages worldwide. So far there have been over 14 Million views of this amazing young man. This well adjusted young man. This intelligent and well spoken young man. This well educated, happy young man. This young man that was raised by a same sex lesbian couple. Wait, isn’t he supposed to be a screwed up, mess of a young man?

As I get older I witness the continuing decline of the traditional institution of marriage. Divorce rates average roughly 50% for first timers and go as high as 73% for a third marriage. What an example we set as heterosexuals. That only half of our unions last. Pretty impressive.

The world is not only a different place since I was a kid but don’t you think it’s changed just a bit since the dawn of time? Things change everyday, they evolve. What was standard when we were kids is now passe. So, the idea of two men or two women marrying should not come as such a shock. Nor should it when those couples want to raise a family.

The homophobic world is going to hate me for this but I don’t really care. This wacky world we live in could use some happiness. If a gay couple chooses to marry, let them. They love each other and quite frankly will probably do a better job at marriage than a lot of straight people. We can’t figure a divorce rate among homosexuals because same sex marriage is only allowed in 6 states.

I have said in a prior blog that I truly believe homosexuality is not a choice, it’s not a lifestyle that one would just decide to live. It’s something a person is born with. In my line of work which is fashion, I have known too many gay people to believe anything else. Particularly gay men that married women and had children. They didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to be more attracted to men.

If there is a segment of our population that isn’t “just like us” by which I mean “straight”, who are we to say they are not “normal”? Those that will speak of the Bible say homosexuality is a sin. Me thinks that certain things in the Bible are pretty ancient and could be amended, kinda like the Constitution. But I best save that subject for a different day. If I am not lambasted for this blog before then.

Quite awhile back, a gay male friend and I had a very in depth discussion about his life as a homosexual man. All his life he had tried to suppress his attraction towards men. He dated women, even was engaged to one. He explained that he knew early on that he had no choice. He did not want to even admit to himself that he was gay. Yet, when he met his now partner with whom he has been with over 30 years, he had to accept it. He asked me a very simple yet complex question: “Do you think I would choose this? A life where I am ridiculed, laughed at and don’t have the same rights as you do?”

So here we watch young 19 year old Zach, a bright, happy young man. His parents have been married 20 years and provided him with a loving family environment. Two happy parents will do that. And they don’t have to be a man and a woman.

Why don’t we worry about other things? Why don’t we live and let live, let people make their OWN choices, marry who they choose, raise wonderful young people like the one in this video? Life is short and we only get one go around. Why can’t we let those people that aren’t “like us” live their lives the way that makes them happy?

I could watch this video over and over. This one young man could change a lot of people’s thoughts. I hope he changes at least a few.

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