Dear 2011, It's time to say good-bye

Dear 2011, It's time to say good-bye

So much has happened this year that’s flown by,

To sum it up quickly is tough but I’ll try.

With no shortage of headlines the big news this year,

was the death of Bin Laden to no longer fear.

Other dictators who had been tyrants too long,

Saw their endings come finally;  Ghadafi and Jong.

We had murdering tot moms walk free out of court,

And a coach who thought showering with boys was a sport.

We saw Charlie Sheen lose it though he says he’s winning,

His rantings left all of us with our heads spinning.

We had Occupy Wall Street and the 1 percent,

I have to admit still don’t know what it meant.

The rich still get richer as we others don’t,

Will that ever change? I believe that it won’t.

To divert us from sadness we made a huge hype,

of the big Royal wedding, did you watch it on skype?

We saw Will and Kate wed but the real and true hit,

Was Miss Pippa’s bottom, what a shapely young Brit.

We said bye-bye to Regis, Viera and “Opes”,

And to dear Susan Lucci the queen of the soaps.

The Black Swan had a baby, Mariah had twins,

And Maxim helped Kirstie lose three of her chins.

Sir Paul got remarried as Lee Ann Rimes did too,

On a plane a weak bladder struck Gerard Depardieu.

Political scandals saw Weiner’s weiner,

Herman Cain had a mistress yet he’s never seen her.

Maria left Arnold upon finding out,

that he’d fathered a child that wasn’t her sprout.

Demi and Ashton, they hit the old skids,

Didn’t she notice he’s the age of her kids?

We lost Steven Jobs to the bastard called cancer.

Can’t rhyme that, I get too pissed.

Farewell to Liz Taylor,and boxing great Joe,

Amy Winehouse, Jane Russell, and Peter Falk, Columbo.

Andy Rooney gave us his last minutes on 60,

His thoughts were right on, that man was quite nifty.

In football we have Tebow down on his knee,

On TV Greys Anatomy thought it was Glee.

Lady Gaga appeared in a dress made of meat,

Martinez won Dancing and that was so sweet.

In music we Rolled in The Deep with Adele,

And millions of Katy Perry songs did sell.

The Hangover 2 bored us to tears,

While our Sweet Harry Potter will now change careers.

We all wondered if Bieber had fathered a baby,

Is he old enough to do it? I don’t know, maybe?

The Kardashian wedding earned a nice tidy sum,

$651 per minute and then they were done.

There’s much other news that we saw this past year,

Things we hope to see change is the future that’s near,

We all hope that ’12 is a year that is bright,

Happy New Year to all, and to all a good night.


*Thanks to those who have read and followed my ramblings in 2011. Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter in 2012, I promise to do my best to entertain and inform. If not, what can I say?

























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