Botox and Bagels

Botox and Bagels

I always look forward to the weekends. It’s the only time I don’t worry about being glued to my desk, worrying about what sales calls I will be able to find for the following week. Business has been a challenge and as a result, there are these huge deep wrinkles between my eyebrows. Or I should say there were. They be gone now.

Saturday’s are usually reserved for exciting things like laundry and grocery shopping. Or bill paying and house cleaning. But last Saturday was different. I had been extended an invitation as a lucky blogger to spend a few hours at one of Chicago’s newest spa’s, Cadella Med Spa located at 1521 N. Sedgewick.

I am pretty lax in the “me time” department so I was darned excited to have a morning like that planned. Of course there was that whole getting up early thing that I am not a big fan of but for that I had no problem. The one thing I was nervous about was which service I was going to have as I have always been a fan of aging gracefully. The idea of looking like Joan Rivers or smiling without my mouth moving has never appealed to me.

When I arrived I was greeted with a big smile from the owner, Eliza Parker Briones. A Harvard graduate and pediatrician by trade, Eliza decided she wanted to do something a little different, working with women and wellness. A friend helped her find the location in which she has created a beautiful and relaxing environment.

Once inside she introduced us to her staff which include a chiropractor, a master aesthetician and a nurse that administers the facial injections. I discovered quickly that I have lousy posture, I carry my weight more on my right side (I guess my right butt cheek has absorbed more of the chocolate over the years) and I have a curved lower lumbar. The chiropractor is a lovely gal named Vanessa who has a very soothing voice and leaves you feeling that you can actually find results by working with her which I plan to do.

Elizabeth, the master aesthetician quickly became my best friend by telling me that the skin under my eyes was glorious. I was very comfortable in her private room and when reclining I realized that my skin looked better. If I lay back, the folds around my mouth fall to the side and look smoother. Score. But seriously, she discussed some skin care that she felt I would benefit from and I purchased a few products that I am already enjoying and feeling the difference from. My skin feels like “buttah”.

Lastly, I met with Carol, the resident nurse and injectologist. I made that title up, kinda like it. She has been administering Botox and other injectable facial fillers for quite some time and knows how to calm your fears. I was terrified to have anyone stick a needle in my face but she made me feel relaxed. I have always been curious to see what the hype is about Botox and I can tell you now that it’s pretty darned cool. I only received a small injection on that furrowed brow of mine and it’s no longer well, furrowed. It didn’t hurt a bit as Carol used a very high power topical anesthetic to numb the area. Mission accomplished.

I forgot to mention that Eliza had prepared a fabulous brunch for us on top of everything else. I could have stayed there all day except they close and I couldn’t. It was soothing, relaxing and a place I would like to spend all of my Saturdays!

Since my blog is typically filled with my unsolicited opinion about lots of things, I couldn’t just write a review. But if I did I would give the Cadella Med Spa a hearty four stars and a big thumbs up. I think that Eliza is on to something. And the combination of Botox and bagels was a winner.

Cadella Med Spa…1521 N. Sedgewick….Chicago, IL 60614…773-372-1451…


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  • I know you have said in the past that you appreciate my comments, but this time - all I can say is - I am jealous!! With a 3 year old son and a pretty intense job, this middle-aged mom has had no beauty assistance in ages, and I miss it. *Sigh*

  • In reply to jiyer:

    Make some time for yourself and GO, it's so nice!! Even if you want something simple like an eyebrow was or tint, it's so nice. They also do facials and such. Don't be jealous, just do it!!

  • In reply to Teppi Jacobsen:

    I know, I know, I just gotta go. I had my first facial 6 mos. ago and it was great.

    Oh, and I am also jealous that the skin under your eyes is glorious :) You are lucky!

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