Bad news blitz. Anyone have any good news for a change??

Bad news blitz. Anyone have any good news for a change??

My husband reads the paper everyday like it’s his job. I’ve always admired that about him. That and the fact that he can watch TV, constantly flipping the channels while reading. He has often said to me that it would be good for me to read up on current affairs and see what’s going on in the world. So, I have started listening to news radio in the car and reading news on the internet. Now I need to double my daily dose of anti- depressants.

Let’s see….today these are the things I read or heard about:

1) A 10 year old little girl, Ashlyn Conner commit suicide after being bullied repeatedly at school. I can’t even talk about bullying and it’s affects without wanting to smash things.

2) No progress has been made in finding baby Lisa, the infant allegedly stolen from her crib in the middle of the night in Kansas City. The one where her mom was “drunk and may have passed out”.

3) Missing two year old little boy Sky Metalwala is still missing. His mom left him in the a car alone for over an hour to go get gas as she said she had run out. That of course was BS as police found the car and it had gas in it. So I guess like Casey Anthony we have another lying, murdering Tot Mom.

4) Lauren Spierer, Indiana University student is still missing. She has been since June 3rd. No progress. No news. Nothing.

5) The body of 1 year old Tyler Dasher of Missouri was found after he was reported missing Tuesday morning.

6) 10 shots were fired and a portion of the Berkeley campus is on lockdown after a gunman opened fire inside the business school and computer lab.

7) One of the last four remaining munchkins has died.

8) Jerry Sandusky was just “horsing around”.

Of course there are a plethera of other bad things that have happened and are being reported every hour on the hour. The Occupy Wall Street movement which is spreading all over the country, the debt crisis, the sad real estate market and on and on. Sometimes it feels as though the world and all it’s bad news is closing in on me.

How about some good news for a change? Why is it that people thrive on bad news? Why do negative stories spread faster than positive ones? Do people just live for bad news? Actually, they do. According to a report by Psychology Today ”¬†Media studies show that bad news far outweighs good news by as much as seventeen negative news reports for every one good news report. Why? The answer may lie in the work of evolutionary psychologists and neuroscientists.¬† Humans seek out news of dramatic, negative events.”

I have always heard the saying “Tell someone something good and they tell one person. Tell them something bad and they tell 10.” Our society is so conditioned to receive bad news that we have begun to dwell on it.

Two nights ago Diane Sawyer interviewed Gabrielle Giffords on a special edition of 20/20. Gabby is also on this week’s People magazine cover. The Arizona Congresswoman was shot in the head back in January and has made miraculous strides in her recovery. SHe plans to get better and better. She smiles, despite everything she has been through and may even run for reelection. Yes, it came out of something horrific but you can’t find a more positive person. It was an uplifting wonderful story that made me feel so good inside. She has overcome incredibly negative odds and I believe her positivity is why.

I understand that news is news. But we are on negative sensory overload. I believe for every negative news story there should be a positive one. I bet they’re harder to find and people won’t find them as interesting. Yet, there should be an effort to try. The world needs a blast of positive energy. Will someone find it and do something about it please?



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  • I blame it on the time change. ;)

  • Goodness, is this ever so true. And now they've found that Tyler Dasher's mom killed him - more devastation.

    Do we all have close friends and/or family to love and share a meal with this Thanksgiving? That would be a positive thing to get us out of this glum.

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