Dancing with the Farce, I mean Stars

Dancing with the Farce, I mean Stars

Many people swore that they would not watch this season of Dancing with the Stars due to the appearance of Chaz Bono. Others said they would not allow their children to view. I thought that was silly as dancing can be so enjoyable to watch, particularly when the couples are good. Last night after this week’s performances I was really dazzled. I thought most everyone did a particularly good job and there were only 1 or 2 clear candidates to go home.

However, I need to remind myself that Dancing is not a reality show. It’s the usual popularity contest that all reality shows allowing public voting have become. It’s infuriating and frustrating and after tonight’s elimination I am just downright disgusted.

We saw it on the last season of American Idol with Scotty “Howdy Doody” McCreary taking home the prize after watching week after week of shocking results. Even the contestants who are voted off can’t hide their complete shock – they knew they were good. They also knew it didn’t matter.

So what the hell is going on here other than people just voting for who they like, rather than who has talent? Chaz Bono does not have skills. I don’t give a crap about his/her sexuality  (I say this as yes Chaz does still have a vagina). At least if he/she was a halfway decent dancer that would explain why he/she was not voted off after the first week. Chaz’s support group of the gay and lesbian community is strong. This is why Chaz is still there. Only reason. And please don’t call me prejudiced against this community. That’s small minded and completely untrue. I have never judged a person for their sexuality. I am judging on talent and there isn’t any.

Every “star” has a reason that they were invited on the show. Many have questioned the definition of “star” after ABC announced the line-up for this season. You had your typical soap star, Olympic star, sports figure, reality TV star and others. Are you expecting Brad Pitt?   Get real.

Last year when Bristol Palin went all the way to end up in third place, everyone moaned about how she wasn’t a star and couldn’t dance. The truth of it was, she was no more a star than many other people that appear on the show and did improve dramatically from week one. Not saying she should have gone that far but she improved. Mama would have killed her if she hadn’t.

This show as well as American Idol and all the other shows that allow the public to vote, should not allow the public to vote. Not enough people base their votes on talent. Not enough people remember that it is a talent competition, not a popularity contest. Doesn’t matter how many times there are shocking eliminations, it will always happen as long as the public votes.

Cute young girls will vote for cute young boys and vice versa. The gay community will vote for a gay contestant. A contestant with a sob story will get the sympathy vote. An elderly contestant will get the “oh my God look how cute they look” vote. And so on and so on. And the really, really good contestants won’t get any votes because everyone assumes they are safe.

From now on I think the Dancing judges should have a save, just like American Idol. A one time, this was total bullshit, we are not letting you go home save.  But then they get to send home the person that should have gotten the boot. Oh how I would love to see that.

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