Oh Adderall, I need you so.

Oh Adderall, I need you so.

A few days ago, one of my favorite bloggers wrote about her ability or inability to focus. That same day I had planned to write about the same subject but I got distracted. Really. Next thing I knew, there was her post. It was hilarious and totally relevant.  But I had planned a different twist on the subject so here I must proceed to share my take on the what I know I have: Adult ADD.

A typical day in the life of me is as follows:

I wake up. This is the day, since I am self employed and work at home, that I will spend the whole day cold calling to make appointments. I throw some clothes on and realize that I haven’t done laundry this week so it’s piled up. I go back in my room and make my bed, vowing to get my morning coffee and go directly to my desk. But wait, the husband has about 100 crumpled up receipts on his dresser so I had better straighten them out. I throw some away and realize the garbage is full. I wrap that up and look around for anything else that may need to be considered. It becomes clear that it’s a perfect time to clean out my bathroom cabinets. But now I can’t remember if I took my morning pills.

I’ll wait to see if I start to feel like crap because if I do take the pills twice that could be bad. So I head downstairs with the wash, set it down by the laundry room and realize that the dishes are still in the sink from the night before. Thanks hubby. I do them and also throw in cleaning the kitchen counters while I’m at it. I finally pour my coffee and head to my office. I sign onto Facebook. I’m just going to see what people are up to and then get to work. But wait, I have been meaning to search for a friend from an old job so I start that. I get “Facebook chatted” by someone and proceed to talk for 15 minutes. I say I have to go, sign off,  then realize that I never read any statuses. I sign back on.

Once I finally get caught up, I realize that I haven’t started the laundry. I go to do that and also feel the hunger pains from being up for over an hour and not eating yet. I make myself some breakfast and read more Facebook. Oh, and Twitter too. I think of something clever to tweet about and get caught up reading others that I follow. After that I finally get a load of wash going. Wow, I feel accomplished.

I go to my desk again. I remember that over a week ago my husband asked me to contact our insurance company and cancel a policy. I call to take care of it and after 2 or 3 dropped calls finally get that done. Oh, and the check for my daughter’s utilities was supposed to be sent out 2 weeks ago. So I get that going too. Then alas,I realize it’s my last check so I take care of getting more ordered. It’s now been two hours since I got out of bed. I have not done any work.

This is it. I pull out my call reports and vow that I am going to NOW do nothing but make calls. I make around 10 only to either not reach the person I need or the client is not interested right now. Or ever. I check my email as a distraction. I answer the ones that require immediate attention but it’s time to switch the laundry now. I think about the fact I haven’t worked out in a couple of days. Should I go to the health club now?

No, I’ll eat lunch. So I do that and then change the laundry to the next load. When I get back to my desk and start working again I start to feel tired. I do the head bob for about ten minutes and then crawl to the couch to take a short nap. When I arise, I realize the laundry has been dry awhile so I get it out and pile up some ironing. I forget the iron hasn’t been working well and the ironing board needs a new cover. I’ll run up to Target to take care of that. Actually I need some groceries so I will just finish work for the day and head out. I haven’t done much actual work but like Scarlett O’Hara, I’ll worry about it tomorrow.

I’m thinking that by now you get the picture. Moments of pure clarity seem to be few and far between throughout the course of any day. I have the best intentions; always say today will be the day that I can think clearly for eight straight hours. Okay, maybe four or five. And maybe it’s because I do have a home office that it’s so easy to get distracted. Or that I went through chemo 8 years ago and it fried a bunch of brain cells. Or that I have way too many things to do on any given day. Whatever is the cause, I have reached the point in life that I would pay a thousand dollars for each consecutive moment of clarity that I can achieve. And if I can’t figure out a way on my own, I’m hitting up the local college campus and getting myself some Adderall.


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  • That's not ADD, that's the way a woman's mind works! We are always thinking about something else while we're DOING something else. And then there's the thing where I'm afraid to tilt my head because I'm afraid that what's left of my brain will just leak out.

    You described my day perfectly.

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