Not guilty still does not put Casey at the bat

Not guilty still does not put Casey at the bat

Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl named Caylee Marie Anthony. And once upon a time, and all too soon there wasn’t. And no matter what our sad, sad legal system has to say about it, her mother (if you can call her that) Casey Anthony was responsible for the death of this angelic child.

I am unable to make any logical sense of today’s verdict of not guilty. I have poured over articles about why the jury may have come back with their decision however, I still cannot fathom it. Our legal system has to be reevaluated and the boundaries of “reasonable doubt”, redefined. It is obvious that the verdict was based on what may have been in the juror’s minds; perhaps a fear of the 1/2 of 1 % chance she did not do it.

There is not a single human being I have discussed this with that is not outraged; not a person that believes Casey is innocent of this heinous crime. She is a pathological liar who DID NOT REPORT HER DAUGHTER MISSING FOR 31 DAYS. Who needs more proof??

So now what happens? I have lots of questions.

1) If Casey didn’t kill Caylee, who did? Will a full scale investigation relaunch? Or will it be like the OJ Simpson case? We never heard another word about looking for Ron Goldman or Nicole Simpson’s killer – everyone already knew who it was and he was out playing golf.

2) Will George and Cindy Anthony crawl out from the bus they were thrown under and take Casey back into their home? And why would Casey want to go back to the home of the father that she says sexually abused her? What the hell did that allegation have to do with the case??

3) Will Casey start searching the internet for ways to knock off her parents and see if she can get away with it? And if not, get someone else to say they were doing the searches even though they were blind and had no hands?

4) Will Casey be able to string a sentence together that isn’t filled with a pile of lies…ever?

5) Will we be able to string Jose Baez up by his balls for having a champagne toast and party seeming to forget that a 2 1/2 year old little girl is dead and he defended her killer? After he said that “there were no winners in this case??????”

6) Can we have brain scans completed on the 12 jurors to actually see if they come up blank? They all refuse to discuss their decision. It’s hard to admit when you’re stupid. And wrong.

These are just a few of the questions that I have. But what I really, truly want to know is how this is seen as a victory for the defense. Casey Anthony has a face that has been seen by the world. NO ONE LIKES ANYONE THAT HURTS CHILDREN. It’s a known fact that in prison, child killers/pedophiles don’t last too long or have to be kept separately from the general population. So with her recognizable face, good luck going out in public.

Good luck to Casey to find a job. I can only pray that no publishing company, movie studio or otherwise pay this woman a nickel for her “story”. Because they will be paying for lies.

Good luck to Casey finding friends. Good luck to Casey finding a man. I’m sure there is some dumb schmuck who will want to bang her but she won’t be having any lasting relationships.

I think that if anything, instead of letting her off completely with time served for her conviction on lying, the courts should demand she have her tubes tied or perform a hysterectomy before she is released from prison. This is a person (not a human) that should NEVER be allowed to procreate again.

I do hope that Casey spends the rest of her life having to watch her back because I’m sure there is someone out there planning to do unto her as she did unto Caylee. She may have been freed, but she will never be free. We hope.

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