Casey Anthony could take a lesson from Charlene Spierer

Casey Anthony could take a lesson from Charlene Spierer
Charlene Spierer


There are still people that have not heard about Lauren Spierer, the Indiana University sophomore that went missing 4 weeks ago this morning. However, I am guessing there are very few people who don’t know who Casey Anthony is as her trial has been all over the news for the past 2 months.

Charlene Spierer, Lauren’s mother, has not let up for an instant in the quest to find her beloved daughter. Night and day and day and night she and her husband have spent hundreds of hours doing everything possible to find Lauren. From New York, they have said they have no plans to leave Bloomington, IN where Lauren was last seen. Just today, an emotional Charlene begged those people that were last to see her daughter to come forward. She asked that they find their “moral compass” and speak up about what they may know.

In June of 2008, a beautiful three year old little girl named Caylee Anthony was reported missing. But there was a huge contrast when compared to the Spierer case; Caylee’s mother Casey Anthony had failed to report her daughter was missing for 31 days. Just failed. Just forgot. Just too busy partying to mention it to anyone. Too busy stealing and forging checks from friends. Too busy accusing a Nanny of kidnapping when the Nanny didn’t even exist.

I certainly don’t want to get into all the details of the case as anyone can watch Nancy Grace for that. What I have been really trying to grasp is the cold appearance of Casey in the courtroom. The ludicrous accusations against her father and brother; the complete lack of emotion she shows 99% of the time; her ability to lie and actually believe what she is saying. When I see the pain in Charlene’s face vs the coldness in Casey’s eyes I shudder.

I have never had any doubt that Casey killed her daughter. Her beautiful little girl with the big brown eyes. While Charlene Spierer prays for her daughter’s safe return; Casey Anthony sits in court on trial for killing hers. During this time that Lauren is missing, Charlene can think of nothing else but finding her. Before she reported Caylee ┬ámissing, Casey was out partying for a full month.

Motherhood is a gift. I know, I have two children of my own. It is unfathomable to think of anything ever happening to one of them; I am sure that Charlene feels as though she is in a nightmare every hour she is awake. And then there is Casey. We still aren’t sure who Caylee’s father was. I only know that she was a single mother and she could have given Caylee up for adoption if she didn’t want to have a child. Murdering her was not the answer.

Closing arguments in Casey’s trial are on Sunday. I can only pray that she gets what she deserves and is at least put away for life. This is a person who never deserved the privilege of having a child. And Charlene, an obviously loving and devoted mother has not seen or heard from her daughter for the same number of days Caylee was missing before it was reported.

Right now my greatest hope is that as Casey Anthony is convicted of murdering her child, Charlene Speirer will find hers. I hope that her prayers will be answered and that a mother who deserves to be one, will be able to embrace her daughter again.

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