Casey Anthony and Scott Peterson two of a kind

Casey Anthony and Scott Peterson two of a kind
Does have a category for sociopaths?

Being as obsessed as I am with true crime stories I followed the Casey Anthony story closely. In the past year I have also read every book available on Scott Peterson, convicted and currently on death row for the murder of his wife Laci and their unborn son Conner. So many people have joked, including myself, that Casey should date OJ. However, upon further thought and consideration I think she should marry Scott Peterson as they are two of a kind. They can have the perfect situation: never live together, see each other only through glass and never have sex.

After hearing the shocking verdict in Casey’s trial, I immediately thought about Scott. This was due to the only difference between the two: he was convicted and sits on death row. Which is where 3/4 of all people believe Casey should be.

Both Scott and Casey chose to dispose of a loved one that was cramping their lifestyle. Scott had moved on to Amber Frey, a single mother who believed Scott was single as well due to the web of lies he had woven. His wife Laci, pregnant with their first child was getting in the way of that. He murdered her; disposing of her body in San Francisco Bay. It was only months later that her body was discovered washed up on shore. Casey wanted to live the life of a single and free young woman with no strings. It was several months before Caylee’s body was found.

Scott had reported Laci missing right away – obviously differing from Casey’s delay of 31 days before she reported Caylee missing. Scott did it to make it look as though he actually was worried but if you read the book “For Laci”, written by her mother Sharon Rocha, he failed miserably. She, (just like Cindy and George Anthony with Casey) had a gut instinct that Scott was hiding something.

Both Scott and Casey sent law enforcement officials on wild goose chases looking for their respective missing persons. Thousands upon thousands of dollars were spent, hundreds of volunteers took out time in their lives to search. Both fully knowing that the searches were futile; neither Laci or Caylee were going to be found alive.

Both Scott and Casey are pathological liars. Scott had purchased phony college degree certificates; Casey who never finished high school was claiming to be working on two degrees. Scott claimed to be in Paris at which time he was still in Modesto, CA; Casey insisted she was working at Universal Studios until she actually went there with law enforcement and had to admit at the gates she was lying.

The similarities in their patterns of lying is amazing and scary. Their abilities to tell bold faced lies with a straight face and actually BELIEVE what they are saying is astounding. It is also uncanny how similar the cases were when it comes to being primarily circumstantial. There was absolutely no solid evidence in either case due to the inability to name a time of death or place of death. But somehow the jurors in the Scott Peterson case chose to convict him. Bravo to them for taking a lying sociopath off the streets.

I know that there are countless innocent people on death row or serving long prison sentences. Therefore,  it’s hard to say that when a case is circumstantial a person should still be convicted. However, these two cases were, in my humble opinion so evident of guilt that convicting is just the right thing to do.

The question of whether or not Casey will ever be held accountable for Caylee’s death was left up to everyone when the jury acquitted her. At least Scott is paying for his crime. Perhaps another jury, another city makes all the difference.


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