Another child goes missing; will social media help this time?

Another child goes missing; will social media help this time?
9 year old Leibby Kletsky, missing since last night

I have written several blogs about missing Indiana University Lauren Spierer, the first of which was how surprising it was to see the social media explosion that ensued right after she disappeared. Missing nearly 6 weeks, tweets have yet to slow down. Her family’s Facebook page has 72,000 followers and there are several other Lauren Spierer FB pages.

As I watch on my tweetdeck (shows continuing twitter messages on  given subject that you choose) I can’t think of a single celebrity that I haven’t seen requested to pass the word about Lauren. And I see that many have. So, I just don’t wonder if as celebrities with millions of followers, they shouldn’t be doing the same for other missing persons?

On Sunday night I watched the Diane Sawyer interview with Jaycee Lee Dugard, the girl who went missing for 18 years. She was 11 years old when she was abducted. Back then there was no twitter or Facebook and social media was non existent. But now it’s here and it should be used for not only social reasons, it can and should be used to help in situations like the following.

I just read this evening about a 9 year old Brooklyn Boy who went missing last night. His name is Liebby Kletsky. He was supposed to meet his mother after camp but did not show up. Of course there are already those that are blasting the parents for allowing the boy to walk alone at such a young age. I can’t argue with them. But the point is the boy is missing and every minute counts. It could be a Chicago boy that was missing. It shouldn’t matter where these children are from, or what their background is.

I have already started a hashtag for #leibbykletsky. I sent a tweet to @newsonlaurens (the twitter name for the Lauren Spierer search) and have asked them to help get a search going for him. I don’t know this boy or Lauren for that matter. But children are our most precious commodity and we should always be working on ways to prevent them from going missing and/or actions to find them quickly if they do.

The social media push should not just have been a rare occurrence for Lauren Spierer. Let’s make it a standard that we reach now for all missing children. Pass the word and maybe we can make it so.


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