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Breast milk is a new weapon??

The older I get the more I wonder when people will ever stop shocking me. I suppose the answer to that is NEVER as I read about an Ohio woman who actually used her own breast milk to fend off the police. In the words of all of my grandparents in their thick accents, OY... Read more »

Is this Bachelorette the best worst season ever??

Besides being really tired of watching Ashley Hebert play with her bangs, I am getting totally annoyed at the number of times she mentions Bentley Wiliams name. Yet, I find myself disgustedly looking forward to this two hour weekly episode of dribbling nonsense.  If anyone found her to be insecure during her time on the... Read more »

Chicago Hotel and Priceline can kiss my a#%

Right about now I have to say that I am all over the First Amendment. I am allowed to say what I feel and have my freedom of speech. So, that being said, The Omni Hotel in Chicago and Priceline can both kiss my ass; twice if necessary.  We have a visitor in from New... Read more »

Keep the search going for Lauren Spierer, don't let this case go cold!

Family and friends of missing Indiana University sophomore Lauren Spierer have reached out to bloggers for help. Since I have already written about her 3 times, I am going to write again for their sake. Mostly for her parents who must be exhausted, sick and frightfully losing hope as the search is now in it’s... Read more »

Mr. Potato Head is my dad, it's true

My silly, beautiful Dad
Many years ago when my father was fortunate enough to still have dark hair, and ALL of it he also had a dark mustache, a rather prominent nose, earlobes that are long and soft and wore dark horn rimmed glasses. One day as I paged through a magazine and saw an ad for a Mr.... Read more »

Lauren Spierer we must find you

I just watched a news briefing on Lauren Spierer’s disappearance. It has been two weeks and I can’t stop thinking about this girl and her family. Watching her father break down on camera when speaking of Father’s Day coming Sunday, I can’t stand sitting by and doing nothing.  In this area and surrounding Chicago suburbs,... Read more »

Hey Hey, CUBS WIN!!! For a change?? Let us pray.

Dear Gods of baseball and all things sports like and angels of great batting and pitching and spirits of great fielding: Today I was at Wrigley Field. It was supposed to be cool and rainy and yet it was a gorgeous, mostly sunny and warm day. Perfect. It was a good size crowd, good moods... Read more »

Sales and loyalty do not go hand in hand

On a sales call today the subject of sales rep loyalty came up. Or I should say the lack thereof. I’m not at all surprised as I know that sales reps don’t always have the best reputation. We can be called pushy, slimy, obnoxious and a myriad of other unflattering adjectives. Not me of course!... Read more »

Lauren Spierer where are you??

Every parent's worst nightmare - please help the Spierer family find their daughter.
Since the disappearance of  20 year old Indiana University student Lauren Spierer 10 days ago, I have been obsessed with the case. Maybe it’s because my older daughter went to Indiana and lived in the same building as Lauren that it has hit me so hard. For whatever reason, I can’t keep myself from googling... Read more »

The unnecessary roughness of the cost of living

Last night my husband and I had a hot date. It was late and we were hungry, feeling like breakfast for dinner. So, in spite of the discontinuation of the Baconalia menu, we decided to hit up our local Denny’s. There are those of you who will be grossed out at the mere thought of eating... Read more »