Toddlers and Tiaras and Botox??

I’ve blogged about pageant kids before but I have to comment on pageant mom Kerry Campbell, the controversial mother who personally gives her 8 year old daughter Britney botox injections. I thought the forced eyebrow waxings I’ve seen were bad enough but now I have heard it all. 

Britney tells interviewers and reporters that it makes her more beautiful. Her mother, who just happens to have had Britney taken into child protective custody says “when she’s a superstar earning millions, she’ll thank me for what I did when she was younger”. 
Forecasting Britney’s thank you note to her mother: “Thanks mom, I’ve been in therapy for quite some time now. I still have zero self esteem from all the times you told me I needed Botox when I was eight. Why couldn’t you just let me be a little girl? Why did I have to get a bikini wax when I didn’t really have any hair there? I wish you had told me I was beautiful just the way I was and loved me like a normal little girl. I wish I had played outside with my friends and done little girl things. Oh and mom? I need some money. Those millions you promised I would make? Didn’t happen.”
I have tortured myself into watching a few episodes of “Toddlers and Tiara’s” and the equally “gaggy” “Little Miss Perfect”. I have done so to really see for myself how the mothers exploit their daughters.  I will get blasted for this but it’s interesting to note that a good majority of the mom’s are mildly to severely overweight. Well, some are just plain fat. And of course I’m not saying that makes them bad people. 
BUT, when you watch how they manipulate their little girls like puppets, mainly to make themselves feel good, it’s makes me want to wretch. Their lives are empty and dull as they pack on the pounds so they turn to their unsuspecting child for fulfillment. They need to spend a little more time at the gym and less time training their little girls to be hookers.
And what do we produce? Brilliant young ladies like Miss Teen South Carolina 2007? Have we ever been able to decipher exactly what she said??  Or the current Miss Wisconsin who just resigned since she’s been arrested for identity theft? I guess it’s okay to forge signatures when you’re pretty, right?
Bold statement for today: I believe the multi gazillion dollar pageant business should be outlawed. The pageant mothers should be locked up and beaten and these TV channels like TLC should be forced to air programs that actually teach something if you’re going to be called THE LEARNING CHANNEL. 
I’m sure someone will tell me how beneficial pageants can be. So can therapy. Try it. 


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  • Child abuse. Period.

  • Child beauty pagents are just masturbation material for pedophiles. Sickening to see little girls vamping across the stage with seductively made up eyes and one hand on a hip anyway, not to mention teaching them to be phony. That's just my opinion of course, BUT, no one knows the long long term effects of Botox. When that child's face grows and lengthens, where will the Botoxed areas end up? I hope I understand correctly that the child has been taken away from the disgusting 'mother'.

  • Yes, she has been taken away from her "mother" who should be strung up and shot. I thought of that too - about what happens to her stretched out face as she grows up. Pathetic and abusive but at least the madness will hopefully stop now that she has been taken away. Thanks for commenting.

  • What's hilarious is the moms will spend $30,000 on pageant crap and demand PERFECTION in how the little girl looks while they live in a shoe box, weigh 400 pounds and sport hair styles from 1992. Rich, indeed.

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    LOVE this, so true!!!!

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    That poor girl. The pageant moms are obviously getting some narcissistic pleasure from parading their kids around in beauty contests, at a hell of a cost to the kids. You should see read Peggy Orenstein's new book, Cinderella Ate My Daughter. There is a whole chapter on pageants. It's shocking.

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    Yes it is abuse! That is just nuts!

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    There are, without a doubt, people who will defend "beauty" pageants for kids and declare fascism (or Nazism or some other -ism) against anyone who thinks these things should be outlawed, which, of course, they should.

    I wonder how people would feel if someone gave steroids to an 8 year-old boy playing little league who then turns around and states he did it so his son could grow up to make millions.

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    The problem with ALL these pageant mothers: thay are trying to gain something that is missing on their own lives by parading their daughters around on stage.

    It could be they have always been overweight and never felt pretty (because most of them are overwieght and not at all attractive). Or they are trying to fill a void (like the fact their husbands won't have sex with them because they are fat and unattractive....just a guess! :-)

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