Self Employment is like a ride at Six Flags

It’s Monday morning and I have no appointments scheduled for the week. I am a sales rep and I work with great jewelry designers from all over the US and Canada. I even have great knitwear and handbags. Only trouble is like I said, I don’t have any appointments.

In April I was on the road all month. I had appointments left and right and I was as busy as a little bee. It was great! I opened new accounts, met some great people and wrote great orders. And then it was May. And here I sit in my office for what seems like the hundredth day in a row. 
January was like when you first board a roller coaster. You sit down, strap in and start the slow climb. February and March we’re still climbing. April we’re riding high atop the world. May we make the crashing descent while screaming at the top of our lungs. 
Since I work on 100% commission I look at it like waking up everyday unemployed. No appointments, no money coming in. So that gets my ass out of bed every morning and on to the phones. 
Today I can just hope that I don’t get disconnected numbers, answering machines and more reports of slow sales and no interest. I’d like to be out on the road putting pen to paper and writing orders. This is one tough economy to be self employed in. The amount of discipline it takes to sit on the phone looking for business is like a recovering alcoholic trying not to drink. 
I could go shopping, lunch with the girls or a myriad of other things that may be a bit more entertaining. But, after thirteen years I have learned that the roller coaster never stops. And the rides at the top are too good to get off. 

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