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I'm not paranoid, I'm just a mother

Daughters are in Israel. That’s on the other side of the world. Can’t reach them, can’t get past Shalom to the hotel operator at the King Solomon Hotel. They have three cell phones, no answer for almost 24 hours.  Before they left I asked one thing: keep in touch and don’t let me get crazy.... Read more »

Farewell Oprah, I will miss you way more than I thought

I know I said that I was only going to blog about my girls experiences in Israel for the next 10 days but they are being total buttheads; I haven’t talked to them long enough to gather enough information to write a sentence.  So, here I am this gloomy morning watching the Oprah finale. Last... Read more »

Ten days in Israel; thank you Birthright Foundation

I seem to always be writing about some dumbass reality show or competition, some celebrity that cheated or some other silly thing that doesn’t really mean much. But yesterday as my two daughters left on an airplane to fly halfway around the world to Israel, I had a zillion different thoughts running through my head.... Read more »

End of the world: does that make the bucket list the f--k it list??

I’m kind of aggravated that I didn’t hear about this end of the world stuff until today. Apparently tomorrow at 5:59pm we are going to feel an earthquake which will be followed by only worthy people being instantly transported to heaven. The rest of us poor schmucks will be left here until October 21st when... Read more »

I'm feeling pretty psychic American Idol

It was an emotional night tonight as we watched the final three contestants hometown visits. It is a pretty amazing event to watch – these young kids who left for Hollywood with dreams of stardom and they are living those dreams right now. But voters still can’t seem to do what’s right: Vote for the... Read more »

Botox mom needs to reevaluate what being a mother means

Several days and 25,000 reads later, the mother that injected her eight year old daughter with Botox has now come forward to admit that she made it up. Can you say insane, pathological liar???? I am horrified and embarrassed.  She has signed a sworn statement that she did it for several hundred dollars when approached... Read more »

Toddlers and Tiaras and Botox??

Toddlers and Tiaras and Botox??
I’ve blogged about pageant kids before but I have to comment on pageant mom Kerry Campbell, the controversial mother who personally gives her 8 year old daughter Britney botox injections. I thought the forced eyebrow waxings I’ve seen were bad enough but now I have heard it all.  Britney tells interviewers and reporters that it... Read more »

Self Employment is like a ride at Six Flags

It’s Monday morning and I have no appointments scheduled for the week. I am a sales rep and I work with great jewelry designers from all over the US and Canada. I even have great knitwear and handbags. Only trouble is like I said, I don’t have any appointments. In April I was on the... Read more »

Dexter, we sure could use you!

Dear Dexter, I’ve been missing you lately! So many things are happening with bad people that I just know you can help. Even though some of the situations may break “the code”, I think you may be in. We definitely could have used you a couple weeks ago when Bin Laden was taken out. After... Read more »

Please help this uninsured person!

I am pissed off right now, reaching out to the blogging community and wondering why things like this happen in the US. I have had a woman from Poland clean my house for 20 years. She started when she was in her 20’s and in that time has only missed one day: to go back... Read more »