Farewell Oprah, I will miss you way more than I thought

I know I said that I was only going to blog about my girls experiences in Israel for the next 10 days but they are being total buttheads; I haven’t talked to them long enough to gather enough information to write a sentence. 

So, here I am this gloomy morning watching the Oprah finale. Last night I also watched the surprise party at The United Center and I realized the magnitude of this one person’s affect on so many. It’s staggering, yet when I think back over episodes I’ve watched, I can see why. 
There are many that stayed with me subconsciously and only now am I remembering why. One in particular; the woman dying of breast cancer that recorded hours and hours of tapes for her 6 year old daughter so she would always have her with her, even if not in body. When I had breast cancer I thought of that woman and my own two daughters and that if I had not had the positive outcome that I did, I would have done the same. 
The show just ended and I find myself actually bawling. Opes, what are we going to do without you? At 9am every morning what will we turn to (in Chicago) for insight, education and warm fuzzies? What will ever compare to what you have done? We can’t turn to Jerry Springer or Maury Povich unless all we care about is who fathered someone’s child. We can’t turn to anyone else for the dignity and finesse with which you ran your show.
Of all the things I am realized about this woman today, it is that no matter what, she upheld the absolute highest standards in her 25 years on television. She never allowed her show to become a trash filled hour. If she ever felt it was headed there, she changed it immediately and never went there again. 
She changed millions of lives and most certainly her own. Her message today was simple yet profound, we are all responsible for our own lives. What we do with it, where we head with it, relationships we have in it and all else, we alone are responsible for it. Whatever happened in the past is past – what we do with our lives in the future is up to us.  
She also spoke of God’s influence in her life. No matter whether who believes in God, Jesus or otherwise it was a point well taken. Whatever we do, whatever we are thinking of doing, take a moment and think. Think of what the consequences will be and let that be the guide. No matter what your decisions they ultimately are yours. Make them wisely as so many of her watchers have done. Maybe we really will all be better for having brought her into our homes. 
Thanks Opes, love ya.

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