Dexter, we sure could use you!

Dear Dexter,

I’ve been missing you lately! So many things are happening with bad people that I just know you can help. Even though some of the situations may break “the code”, I think you may be in.
We definitely could have used you a couple weeks ago when Bin Laden was taken out. After what he did to 3,000 Americans we could have had a way better ending. The shot to the face was too quick; and there is all that speculation that it may not have even been him. We don’t have any real solid proof! That’s where you could have been so useful!
You know how you always make that nice small cut to the face of your “victims”? Then you save a drop of blood on those glass slides? Poof!! There it is! DNA for all the proof we would have needed. And the funeral would have been right in line with the custom of burial at sea! But you have to be on your forever break right now, damn! 
I was thinking about you again today. A former Nazi guard at the Sobibor death camp in Poland, John Demanjuk was finally convicted of his war crimes from WWII. 28,060 to be exact. Now, that’s alot of reasons for you to step in, don’t you think? Some people are saying that since he is already 91 he should be spared and there is an appeal going on. But I beg to differ. Being a party to the deaths of 28,060 people is most definitely a good reason for our favorite serial killer to step in. We could say let’s just gas his sorry ass but your methods are far more interesting.
And then there are the executives of the oil companies. I have been getting brutally raped at the pump everytime I go to fill up. I read that profits for BP and Exxon are up something like 32%! So while the executives walk around with their wallets bulging, we can barely move from the repeated assault on our hard earned incomes. It may stretch the code but I won’t tell. 
Now, I may be really getting carried away but I just read about this mother who has been giving her eight year old daughter botox…..
Well Dex, hope to see you again soon. It’s hard to tell a serial killer to keep up the good work but in your case, it’s easy as pie. 
PS: Can season 6 please start already?

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