Botox mom needs to reevaluate what being a mother means

Several days and 25,000 reads later, the mother that injected her eight year old daughter with Botox has now come forward to admit that she made it up. Can you say insane, pathological liar???? I am horrified and embarrassed. 

She has signed a sworn statement that she did it for several hundred dollars when approached by a British Tabloid, “The Sun”. Not only did she make up the story, she went by a false name. 
Sheena Upton became Kerry Campbell for the sake of the story and encouraged her daughter to lie. I imagine if my real name were Sheena I’d want to change it also. She allegedly was approached by The Sun, given a script and paid $200 to tell the story. 
After her child was taken into protective services and examined, there was no evidence of ever receiving any Botox and caused her story to be questioned. Wow, someone really thought the balloon boys father wasn’t bad enough. 
What people, I mean scumbags, will do for a buck is really scary. Not only did this crazy bitch go on national television to tell her story, she had her daughter lying as well. What great lessons to teach your child! 
I thought the Botox was bad enough but to have your innocent child lie for money is incomprehensible. The girl was taken into custody by child services and if she is lucky, she won’t be returned to her.
I can’t imagine how hard that would be for a child but what’s better? Placing her in a home with people of good morals and values or leaving her with a mother that is teaching her every wrong value possible? 
There is a great film that examines this question; “Gone Baby Gone”. It’s a true “make you think” film that reminds me of this situation in a small way – the way that counts the most. If a child is better off with or without a mother that doesn’t know the meaning of the word. 

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