TSA vs a 6 year old little girl; have they gone too far?

Today I had to pick up my daughter at O’hare. It’s hard to time the pick up to the precise moment as now you have to do a drive by, hope they can grab on to the door handle and somehow manage to hop in the car while you’re moving. I was unable to time it properly today so I was required to drive around in circles. I was told that unless my passenger was already outside waiting I had to drive around. 

We all know that air travel has become more and more exasperating. We can’t pick up anyone in a normal way. We can’t go to the gates. We can’t have a normal size bottle of liquid in a carry on. We have to remove our shoes, coats, belts, jewelry, hats, coins. Laptops out. We have to be pre screened, screened and then felt up. It’s bad enough that adults have to be put through this, but a child? 
For anyone who hasn’t heard about this, a few days ago a six year old girl in New Orleans was subjected to an over the top pat down by a TSA officer. Okay, the female officer was nice and professional. That’s the argument. But what the hell? Why in the world is it necessary to subject a child to this?
I am certainly more than okay with trying to avert any terrorist activities. I was recently coming home from Mexico and was told to pack our tennis rackets as they were not allowed on the plane. That made perfect sense as I was planning to club the snoring fat guy next to me. 
Then last year I almost missed a flight as the TSA was thoroughly convinced I had a knife in my purse. It turned out it was the most dreaded weapon of all time, the fountain pen. I hadn’t noticed on the sign that tells us no guns or numchuks that pens were also considered deadly.
Now small children are being treated as terrorists as I am pretty sure they can pack a lot of explosives in those tiny little bodies. I’m sure there are those that will argue that the woman was doing her job. Uh-uh. She violated the terms of the TSA. They are not allowed to completely molest a child under the age of 13. Only partially. 
So where does it end? When will we reach a point where enough is enough. I know that we need to protect air travel. I am the last person on Earth to argue with that. I never liked flying BEFORE 9/11. But the whole system seems really out of whack. The more precautions are being taken, the longer it takes to even catch a flight. Soon we’ll be required to strip naked and go through security wrapped in 3 ounces of plastic. 
WIth all these precautions added on, I still don’t think we are any safer than we were before. There are some very smart terrorists that will figure something out. And there are some very dumb or blind TSA employees that miss things going through security. Just take a look at the pocket knife my husband had me hold onto in my purse. I forgot about it until I found it in there after a flight to New York. It was totally missed. I rest my case.


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  • Way to go Tep. Good subject to blog about. I am proud to say that I have not used an airline for well over a year. After years of nasty security protocols and stupid rules, delays, cancellations, reroutings, loss of baggage, lame air quality in cabins, crap service, and excess stress and anxiety from all of the above I finally see the light.

    I can visit Egypt on my iPad using Google Earth. I can see most museums in the world on-line. I am content here in the USA. I love the idea of trans-oceanic flight, but it is way too much hassle for me. Between customs, language barriers, currency differences, jet lag, unexpected delays and occurrences I just simply say NO. Screw the whole thing now that the TSA is ruining things even more. I have no interest in spending my hard earned cash on this nonsense. My time off is too precious to ruin it in airports. I love my car. The open road rules. Maybe there is even a Harley in my very near future.

    Shame on the TSA for ruining our greatest adventure...aviation.

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