Tiger Woods: Why does he get a pass?

Over the weekend I found it truly irritating that the golf world was pulling for Tiger Woods to make a big comeback. Poor boy has been slumping since he was caught humping and he was really making things happen at Augusta. Yet, he still didn’t find himself in the Green Jacket this year and I couldn’t care less. I don’t understand why others do. 

My husband and I have been to several big golf tournaments over the years and seen Tiger play. He certainly does walk around with an aura of greatness and at one time I definitely did see him as larger than life. I guess those 14 women saw him as larger….oh, but I digress. I also saw him as a very lucky man with a beautiful wife and two adorable children. 
So of course when the news of his infidelities (blatant and sleazy cheating) were brought to the media spotlight, Mr. Woods fell from grace in my eyes. And since his return to golf after his stint in sex addict rehab, he hasn’t been playing up to snuff. Pity. 
When I think of people making big comebacks I think about someone like Lance Armstrong. Of course there is much speculation that he cheated on his wife too but I am talking about a man who survived a cancer that almost killed him and went on to win numerous Tour De France races. That’s more my idea of a comeback. Not a man who got caught cheating with not 1 but 14 women and had to step away from the spotlight for a spell. 
I’m wondering what the frenzy will be like when Tiger (or should I say if) finally does win a tournament. Everyone will forget his indiscretions and he will be king of the world once again. And that I don’t understand. Besides being incredibly stupid (“no one will ever hear this voice mail that I left”) he made a complete mockery of his marriage and family. I’m not the preachy type usually but seriously folks. 
He has lost millions in endorsements from companies (still has Nike, giving new meaning to the phrase “Just do It”)  that no longer wanted to be associated with his sorry ass, yet just last month he rejected an offer of $75MM to sponsor a company. t’s not enough money he says. Well, aren’t we spoiled. And they are actually thinking of increasing it to make it more attractive. 
If anyone is going to offer Tiger a sponsorship contract in the future I think there should be a castration clause. If he falls from grace it gets cut off. Or, maybe it’s already been done and that’s why hasn’t been playing well. Ya think?


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  • Yep, could not agree with you more about Tiger. However, be careful when saying "Not a man who got caught cheating..." with regard to Lance Armstrong. It does not change the difference he has and is making with his foundation and fight to cure cancer but if he is found to have used performance-enhancing substances than all that he has accomplished in cycling comes under question.

    Kirk Mango
    ChicagoNow: "The Athlete's Sports Experience: Making a Difference"

  • In reply to KirkMango:

    Completely agree with you regarding Lance Armstrong. He has made a world of difference - I am a cancer survivor so I know what he has done. But you are so right, if he is ever found to have used performance enhancing drugs that comeback may have indeed not been what we believe was such a miracle.

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