The American Voice X Idol Factor

It’s taken a few days to finally watch the premiere of our newest singing competition, “The Voice”. I was busy trying to catch up on American Idol and quite frankly, I am finding THAT more and more boring each week. The judges never give out much critique, it’s always Jennifer’s “you’re amazing”, Randy’s “you’re in it to win it” (really, is that why they’re there?) and Steven’s typically incomprehensible ramblings. 

So here we have The Voice, an interesting concept in choosing who will go on by just listening to just like the title says, the voice. We have a pretty damned talented group of judges and the really great thing is that they are going to coach the contestants they choose. Right there, wow. Personal training from the likes of Christina Aguilera. Nice. 

The only thing that I am a bit confused about is the need for more singing competitions and reality shows. This may be a great way to kick start careers for people who otherwise may never get noticed (I guess I answered my own question) but soon we will be hearing this on our TV’s “We now interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for the premiere of The American Voice X Idol Factor. We have become so confused so we are combining all of them into one. Enjoy”.
Simon Cowell will be premiering The X Factor in the fall and with Paula Abdul most likely being added to the judges panel, should just be called American Idol Part Deux. I guess that everyone who can sing, thinks they can sing, had a brother or friend who told them they could sing, has a mother who has insisted you have a great voice even though they could break glass will be lining up to audition for these shows. It’s nice to have hope and I imagine that this whole new stream of shows will give plenty of wannabes just that. 
I guess that’s not a bad thing, giving people hope. And being able to be judged on voice alone gives people even more hope. Although Susan Boyle did get through and go on to become the sensation that she did based on her looks and how they did not match her voice. But with the way our society weighs so heavily on looks, that is not always the case. 
So, with just having heard the first few contestants of this new show, I am going to make the bold statement. The current remaining Idol contestants don’t hold a candle to one of these people. Whatever screening process they are going through to get to the stage could be adopted by the Idol panel. 
We now return you to your regularly scheduled show, The Project Fashion Runway Collection. 

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