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Cougartown: Not my hood

In the  past few months I am proud to say that I have been working out regularly. Exercise has always been like a four letter dirty word to me so this has been a really big deal. My husband was really starting to make me look bad by wearing the same size pants since we... Read more »

Manicure or food? Are you kidding?

All day yesterday I could feel the onset of the flu. Chills, aches, unusually tired. Being the “do everything for everyone else” mom that I am I was up hemming my daughter’s pants til 12:30AM. She had a big job interview today and I wanted her to nail it. Showing up for a job interview... Read more »

American Idol: Don't cry for Pia, she'll be just fine

American Idol: Don't cry for Pia, she'll be just fine
I know, I know. All of America is sitting in stunned silence at the “shocking” Idol elimination of Pia Toscana. Once you’ve scraped your jaws up off the floor, take a good look at the whole scenario.  This season is turning into “The Bachelor” only in the sense that each week is becoming “the most... Read more »

Reality TV is most definitely not reality

A REAL group of actors who did most of their work unscripted. Yes, that's really true. And they were good, and funny and real.
Lately as I watch certain series on TV that are considered reality shows, I wonder what networks definition of reality really is. I looked it up on Wikipedia, the seemingly expert source for everything and it was defined as this: “Reality television is a genre of television programming that presents purportedly unscripted dramatic or humorous... Read more »

Cubs Home Opener: I came, I saw, I got soaked

For anyone who doesn't believe the longevity of my commitment to the Cubs.
Early this morning having already forgotten that I had wanted to go to the game today, I was feeling very much under the weather. I had already scheduled a sales call for today and called to cancel. I was going to stay in bed with the covers pulled up and watch on TV.  Shortly after... Read more »

It's GREY'S Anatomy not GLEE'S Anatomy

Last year, the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy was nothing short of epic. A crazed, angry gunman shot his way through Seattle Grace leaving dead and wounded doctors and nurses. The shock value alone was worth every second. It left Cristina traumatized through half of this season and had lasting effects on others. But never,... Read more »