Kindergartener packing heat in school?

Events like school shootings stay fresh in our memories for years. I can still remember the day in 1988 that Laurie Dann went into Hubbard Woods Elementary School in Winnetka and opened fire. She killed an 8 year old little boy, changing the live of his family and friends forever. 

Since that time, there have been countless, senseless school shootings leaving dozens dead or injured. While I usually try to see some humor in every situation, it’s impossible for this one. Today a 6 year old Texas kindergartener was caught in school with a loaded gun. Actually, he wasn’t caught right away – it fell out of his pocket, fired and injured himself and 2 other children. 
Can someone; anyone explain to me how a 6 year old leaves his house, rides a bus and gets all the way to his lunch period before anyone even knows he has a gun? It seems as though it was a twist of fate; good fate that the gun fell. Even though it injured the children, it could have been much worse had the child opened fire. 
We all know that there are plenty of irresponsible gun owners that are careless about where they keep their guns. Why any parent that owns a gun doesn’t automatically lock it up in a safe place is a question I will always have. Even then, if the gun were not locked up, how did the child, a six year old, get it out of the house?!? Where were his parents? Did they not notice the bulge in his pocket? 
Kids like to play with toy guns. Cowboys, cops, whatever. Who knows, maybe now kids like to play bank robber, murderer, gang member. Kids shooting in high schools wasn’t serious enough. Now we are getting younger and younger. If it wasn’t an out of control situation before it certainly should be considered one now. 
I’m not one to profess any knowledge of gun laws. But I do have some knowledge of the value of human life. I have always been overly protective of my daughters yet when they would go off to school everyday all I could do was hope for their safety. It was never a fellow student that I feared though, it was adults that may enter their school. It was the Laurie Dann’s I was afraid of, not their fellow six year old classmates. 
What I am now afraid of is the parents of these children. If there isn’t guidance and teaching at such early ages, how can we ever expect to live in a safe society? Why do we have to now worry about our children’s children and them just getting through grade school without being taken down by a classmate? 
There are too many questions to even entertain on this subject. All I can say is that I think the parents of this kindergartner should be held accountable for what their child did. If the little boy is a bad seed, he should be dealt with now. 
There is a book that I read called “We Need to Talk About Kevin” written by Lionel Shriver. It deals with a mother’s grief after her son goes on a high school killing spree. There are so many signs throughout the story that Kevin is disturbed, even as a small boy. The signs are overlooked and excused. People just don’t think it can ever be their child. 
So as I said before, perhaps this child dropping the gun was a twist of fate. If he planned to open fire he was stopped. The parents will now have to be responsible and keep their eyes on him. The school may have to increase their security measures. And maybe, just maybe with any luck at all, a few lives may be saved as a result. We can all hope. 


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  • Do we know for sure this gun belonged to his parents? Does he have an older brother? Was it given to him by an older friend at one point in the past?

    If it's the parents, the full weight of the law must be brought down upon them. This goes for anybody he may have gotten the gun from as well.

    Incidentally, modern working firearms rarely accidentally discharge when dropped (like in the movies) particularly from the height of a 6 year old's pocket. Those that do are usually guns that have been machined or modified in some way, and not by good hands either.

    Who ever this gun belonged to had no idea how to work it and has no business owning it.

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