Girls hitting puberty at age 7 is some scary news

I caught a video this morning of a doctor discussing early puberty in girls as young as age 6-7. I find this terrifying on so many levels it’s hard to even describe. This statistic is even scarier when she states that 15% of young girls are experiencing this. 

Having two daughters myself I can only imagine the horror of seeing a six year old with boobs getting her period. There just seems to be something so wrong with this and it’s not something that is fully understood yet which makes it even scarier. It’s only a horror as girls have a tough enough time growing up at typical rates.
When I was a kid, I was afflicted with the flattest chest in the western hemisphere. Bullies in the neighborhood came up with the delightful and memorable chant: “Tepless is topless”. I was bullied incessantly. I also had no figure or signs of any development until finally at the age of 13 1/2 mother nature finally came a knockin’. (During my first time at a Cubs home opener no less). During one of my first kisses I actually had a boy try to feel me up and ask if my back felt any different. He’s dead now. (Kidding)
Then there were the girls who had boobs at 12. A few had their periods in 4th grade and they were talked about constantly. There was no way to win. If you were sad and underdeveloped like me, you were taunted. If you had developed at all, you were the prime target for the boys in the class. 
This didn’t change as my own daughters entered middle school. Thankfully they both developed at what doctors would refer to as a normal, healthy rate. But, there were the girls in the school that had fully developed early and were very, very popular with the boys. I mean VERY popular. 
How sad that some little girls still playing with dolls now have to face this strange and confusing situation. Self esteem is tough enough to find at awkward ages but to have to deal with this? Childhood certainly isn’t what is used to be as girls are becoming sexually active at younger ages. The doctor discussing this states that this may cause girls to start even younger. Dare we speculate that the TV show “Teen Mom” will have a spin off called “Barely Out of Diapers Mom”??? 
One factor that the doctor states can be a factor is childhood obesity. Body fat produces estrogen therefore can cause early onset of periods and breast development. So perhaps those parents that don’t care what they feed their kids ought to start. An overweight little girl with boobs and her period is just a recipe for bullying. And in recent years we see what that has done to kids. 
Another possible cause is the environmental issue of BPA exposure. It is thought to cause increased risk for obesity so any parent worrying about this (and those that should be!) may want to reevaluate not only what they feed their kids but what they feed them in.
Like the doctor says, kids just want to fit in. So folks, if you see any signs of this happening to your little girls please see a pediatrician. There are some treatments available to delay the process. Let’s not let this, like too many other factors in this world, get out of control. I know it’s always been said that we can’t fool mother nature, but I say let’s try. She can be a real bitch.

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