American Idol: Pretty Paul we'll miss your smile, but that's about it

Somehow since last week’s stunning elimination of Pretty Pia Toscano, I have found myself wondering who in the world will win this thing. It was certainly high time for one of the boys to go and despite thinking it would have been Stefano leaving weeks ago, we now wave goodbye to the king of Crest Whitestrips himself, Pretty Paul McDonald. 

There is a difference between having a unique voice and sounding like a tone deaf Bee Gee. Sure, Paul was nice to look at but that voice did not live up to the hype. His awkward dance moves made me feel like he was about to have a seizure most of the time and overall I just didn’t get it. Sorry.
Now, who? I suddenly find myself completely stumped. Maybe it was the appearance of Kelly Clarkson tonight that made me really think about who is Idol worthy. Despite Carrie Underwood’s resounding success I still think that Kelly is the best Idol winner to date. 
Pia was no doubt the closest to Kelly in terms of talent that I remember seeing on the show. Sure, she did ballads but who cares? She had THE VOICE. And like I said last week, she’ll be fine. But who of the remaining people have that thing, that undeniable sound that gives you the desire to listen over and over? 
Is it growling Hayley? She has a great voice and I totally loved her duet with Casey tonight, but what’s with the pointing when she sings? I’d love to see a local person win it all but after I wished for that last year, well, let’s just say Lee may be returning to selling paint if he doesn’t put out a good recording one of these days.  And there’s Jacob. Great voice but he always looks like he’s going to burst out crying. He may beat Casey for best dramatic performances by an Idol contestant (Casey’s over reaction to his save). 
James, James. Metal music makes me a nervous wreck. Screaming is not singing and although he has a good voice when he does a ballad, like “While my Guitar Gently Weeps”, his act is like a David Cook or an Adam Lambert. Neither of them have been rocking the charts like Kelly or Carrie. Or Daughtry, lest we ever forget him. 
Oh Stef-a-no, it’s time to go. Somehow he manages to escape elimination every week while in the bottom two so I’m thinking he’s next and I’m glad. The puppy dog eyes don’t do it for me and I can’t get why the judges respond to him like he’s the next coming of God. 
Casey is a cute pudgeball with an interesting voice but I don’t see him as the next Idol. That leaves us with our precious country duo, Lauren and Scotty. These may be the two left standing. Lauren has a great voice, a cute personality and seems to really love the Valium or Xanax she is on. But maybe a little too much so, by the process of elimination I am going with Scotty. 
He is precious and adorable. He is a true country crooner and always picks songs that suit him perfectly. He is comfortable on stage and all the young girls go kooky over him. I can see him being like early Elvis or even go so far as to say that young girls will act like when the Beatles were introduced. There may even be some fainting. 
So, this is my last blog about Idol until the finale. We’ll see then if it’s Scotty by a nose, and a cute little one at that. Comments welcome. Please. 


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  • Idol has not lacked talent or controversy this year, but it has lacked judges judging. I really enjoy J Lo and Tyler, however, at times they are too supportive emotionally to the contestants and not critical enough constructively. I love Randy, but he is now like the watered down Simon. No question Pia was nixed too early and it is truly a shame because in the end it really does make a difference who wins. Yeah, sure she'll get some kind of Lancome modeling deal and maybe get some commercials on tv, but she will fade away into musical oblivion like many great artists. I don't see her going the distance in music professionally, I don't think she is what Clive Owen calls "the real deal". She lived her fantasy and now it will be about the summer tour during which time she'll still be the ninth favorite.

    The real artist this year is Casey Abrams. And while he may be emotional, who wouldn't have been freaked out by being stopped in the middle of their farewell sing in front of 25 million people live. He must have initially wondered "what, what's wrong ... Am I doing something wrong?". I would have fainted. Every time he brings something we have never seen before and bursts the bubble that Idol fans are inside of. Not only can he carry a tune, but he has the intelligence and cool of a great performer, the savvy of a great bassist, and the authenticity of Idol's only remaining artist.

    Say goodbye to Stephano, then Haley, then (unfortunately) Jacob, then James, then Lauren, then say so long to Scotty in the finale and say hello to your new Idol-Casey the man with Basey, who drives the girls crasey. He's Casey Cool.

  • In reply to Adameus1112:

    I couldn't agree more about the judging. I don't agree about Pia - her voice is too good to go unnoticed. I think with the right management and song writers, she will go a long way. Casey is cool but I just don't think that he has the "it" factor. He's good, different and may have a good career, but the idol voters don't typically "get" artistry. They vote for the "Cute" factor and remember, country music is huge.

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