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Dan Rather puts into words what I couldn't

What should the press be spending money on?
I have thought so much about the over hype of the Royal Wedding lately and how to put into words what I was feeling about it. I admit that I did tape and watch it, and yes it was a beautiful thing to watch. However, the amount of money the US spent on the media... Read more »

The American Voice X Idol Factor

Admit it, we can't wait to see him again.
It’s taken a few days to finally watch the premiere of our newest singing competition, “The Voice”. I was busy trying to catch up on American Idol and quite frankly, I am finding THAT more and more boring each week. The judges never give out much critique, it’s always Jennifer’s “you’re amazing”, Randy’s “you’re in... Read more »

Words With Friends support group necessary

Dear Diary, I am having a problem. A few weeks ago I discovered an I Phone app called “Words with Friends”. I’ve had other word apps before like “Word Warp” and they kept me busy but – this is different. With “Word Warp” I had to play by myself, now I get to play not... Read more »

Exercise is not the devil after all

Exercise is not the devil after all
(Caution – this blog will contain foul language. Once in awhile it’s a necessary evil for me).  Tonight has been a very big night for me. After completing the 60 minute DVD of Dancing With the Stars Cardio Dance I discovered something so exciting I just had to talk about it. I hate to brag... Read more »

Kindergartener packing heat in school?

Events like school shootings stay fresh in our memories for years. I can still remember the day in 1988 that Laurie Dann went into Hubbard Woods Elementary School in Winnetka and opened fire. She killed an 8 year old little boy, changing the live of his family and friends forever.  Since that time, there have... Read more »

Snow on Passover? Seriously?

So I woke up this morning and naturally thought I was hallucinating when I looked out the window. White? Could it be the sands of the desert blowing in to mark the eve of Passover? Did Moses ever see snow?  I really doubt that he and his people slipped on their snow boots before rushing... Read more »

TSA vs a 6 year old little girl; have they gone too far?

Today I had to pick up my daughter at O’hare. It’s hard to time the pick up to the precise moment as now you have to do a drive by, hope they can grab on to the door handle and somehow manage to hop in the car while you’re moving. I was unable to time... Read more »

American Idol: Pretty Paul we'll miss your smile, but that's about it

Somehow since last week’s stunning elimination of Pretty Pia Toscano, I have found myself wondering who in the world will win this thing. It was certainly high time for one of the boys to go and despite thinking it would have been Stefano leaving weeks ago, we now wave goodbye to the king of Crest... Read more »

Girls hitting puberty at age 7 is some scary news

I caught a video this morning of a doctor discussing early puberty in girls as young as age 6-7. I find this terrifying on so many levels it’s hard to even describe. This statistic is even scarier when she states that 15% of young girls are experiencing this.  Having two daughters myself I can only... Read more »

Tiger Woods: Why does he get a pass?

Over the weekend I found it truly irritating that the golf world was pulling for Tiger Woods to make a big comeback. Poor boy has been slumping since he was caught humping and he was really making things happen at Augusta. Yet, he still didn’t find himself in the Green Jacket this year and I... Read more »