Tables sure turned on "The Bachelor" Brad Womack

I’ve blogged about “The Bachelor” before, yet after the finale last night I feel compelled to put my two cents in again. The tables certainly turned on Mr. Fear of Commitment as he obviously has fallen head over heels in love with his final rose recipient, Emily. 

The story about Emily’s life before Brad is heartbreaking. Her boyfriend was killed in a plane crash and she was unknowingly pregnant. I give her credit for recovering from the tragedy and raising her daughter as a single mom. That had to be difficult. But why she would ever subject herself to the scrutiny of the media and participate in this show as a way to find love is a mystery to me. 
Brad couldn’t pick a mate in his first shot on The Bachelor so here he was again. Although he seemed as though he really cared for Emily I wasn’t convinced he would pick her. I really liked the slightly chubby but very pretty Chantel. Although she was a bit over emotional I thought she was fun. Okay, she was more than over emotional. She was so much in love. So much so that right after he dumped her she happened to meet another guy and is now madly in love again. Lucky girl she finds it so easy to fall in love. Of course it has nothing to do with being in love with the mere idea of it.  
So Brad chooses Emily in a really heartfelt final rose ceremony (actually I don’t think he gave her a final rose, oops!) and a teary eyed proposal. Cut to the “After the Final Rose” show and we immediately find out that they are having problems and have put off their wedding. Wow! Shocked!! 
It appears that Brad has a bad temper. And Emily didn’t enjoy watching him with all the other women when viewing the show every Monday night. While Emily spoke of his actions on those episodes Brad spent a lot of time squirming. I give it another few weeks before she dumps him and he is left feeling like the two women he left at the end of his first season. 
I never saw what anyone saw in the guy and I still don’t. I don’t and never will understand why any self respecting human being would want to set themselves up to be humiliated on national television. Plus it’s interesting how quickly some of the jilted who are “completely in love” are in love with other people in record time. Look at Melissa Rycroft – love her as I do, she was engaged to Bachelor Jason Resnick, got dumped on TV after he had already proposed to her, then was engaged, married and had a baby in about a year and a half. 
Instead of asking at the end of the show if you or anyone you know may be interested in being on the next “Bachelor”, they should simply say this: If you or anyone you know are interested in living in a mansion with 25 catty, competitive women, having sex with a guy who will probably dump you right after, be willing to watch other women go on dates with said guy, are ready to be proposed to and then broken up with or be dumped at the very moment you are expecting that proposal, please visit us at I leave you with my favorite part of the whole season. 


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  • I watch every season and then am dissapointed when they break up every season. Then I vow never to watch the show again. But I do.

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