Real Housewives? Not so much

Let’s see…the definition of housewife according to Webster’s is a married woman in 
charge of her household. I know quite a few of these women. My former next
door neighbor who has three children 5, 3 and 1; now there’s a housewife. In between nursing, 
cooking and doing laundry for a family of five, she drives the kids to school, gymnastics, 
music lessons, skating lessons and a myriad of other activities. She doesn’t have paid help 
and manages just fine. 
When I was growing up my mom was a housewife. We didn’t have a nanny or a cook.  I didn’t know anyone that had a nanny as I guess where I grew up that just wasn’t the norm.  
So; when Bravo TV introduced us to their first group of “Housewives”, a select group of bleached blondes (a couple of brunettes thrown in for good measure) we were told they were “real”. Haha. Now seriously. There is nothing “real” about any of them. And they are the furthest thing from housewives on earth.
Since I have never watched the New York, New Jersey or Atlanta editions I can only speak of Beverly Hills and Orange County and their bevy of botoxed, boob job bitches. This assortment of women ( I know you’re wondering why I watch) collectively have what seems like 100 nannies, cooks, trainers, and personal assistants. And hmmm, Camille Grammar is divorced, Tamra Barney is divorced, Vicki Gunvalson is rumored to be getting a divorce, Gretchen Rossi hasn’t been married at all and several others are unhappily married. So already there is a discrepancy in the definition. 
They do have problems though as anyone does.  Not that breaking a nail, losing one of your three nannies or getting a new wrinkle should really qualify as a “problem”, but in their superficial world of spray tans, they are. 
Other than VIcki who really does deserve kudos for being such a successful entrepreneur, I’ve yet to see one of these women display anything real. Somewhere along the line Gretchen seems to have the money to launch her line of cosmetics and handbags – yet we are to believe that her deceased fiance left her nothing. Right. 
Their children are being raised to be the same superficial, entitled brats. Taylor Armstrong of the Beverly Hills group threw a little birthday party for her four year old daughter that may very well have cost enough to cover both my daughter’s college tuition. Doesn’t every four year old and all her friends deserve diamonds? 
I think that Bravo should do a season of these women forced to live on minimum wage without hired help. No plastic surgery, no trainers, nothing. Just live in a tiny apartment and live on $7.25 an hour. Let’s see how real they are then. Now that would be entertainment!


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  • The show is a guilty pleasure of mine and I completely agree with you! And last nights episode made me sick...Tamra is a slut!

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