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American Idol: If you're going to do Elton John, you better be good

Tonight on American Idol the contestants were asked to sing the songs of Elton John. Those who know me best know that I am over the top, out of control ridiculous when it comes to him. I have been obsessed with Elton since 1970 and could have bought a house with what I have spent... Read more »

9/11 will never fade from my memory

Flipping around television channels tonight I came across a documentary entitled “Giuliaini’s 9/11”;  Rudy Giuliani’s memories of the attacks. In the nearly ten years since it happened, I have watched nearly every documentary, special and news report about the attacks and will never be able to grasp the enormity of it.  I remember that morning... Read more »

Denny's Baconalia: the perfect recipe for artery hardening

No matter how long I’m on this Earth there are always things that surprise me. So when my husband called the other night to tell me about the Denny’s special menu dedicated to bacon I was yet again, surprised. Bacon; really? A whole menu? When I travel he never cooks so he always dines out.... Read more »

Cubs/Wrigley/Redford, what a combo

So, a few weeks ago I had mentioned that I would be paying closer attention to the Cubs this year. After an eight year hiatus I am going to take a giant leap of faith and allow them back into my life. After writing that I admit I have forgotten all about it. That is,... Read more »

American Idol's cheesiest night?

I’m all about drama and excitement on Idol’s results night but last night left me cringing just a little bit. I already get a little nauseated at the groups opening numbers but Hulk Hogan? Really? Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of American Idol and what it does for young hopeful singers.... Read more »

Global warming, I think not

I know I should probably be blogging about Elizabeth Taylor today. I hope she rests in peace, in heaven and in sunshine. I know there is no snow in heaven because right now I am in hell and I’m pretty sure that’s where all the snow is. It may be a rumor that hell is... Read more »

Trade shows suck and I'll tell you why

Right now I am sitting in my booth at a trade show. I won’t disclose the location but let’s just say it rhymes with Paint Haul. I drove part of the way on Saturday, then completed the trip here on Sunday morning. Once I arrived it took me six back breaking hours to get all... Read more »

Portillo's saves lives

I feel like it’s time to personally thank Dick Portillo for saving my life. So, here is my letter to him and I hope he finds his way to it.  Dearest Dick, You are the man. Before I had the luxury of your restaurant in my home town I had to cook. I know, right?... Read more »

Real Housewives? Not so much

 The one that has a successful business - woo-hoo!
Let’s see…the definition of housewife according to Webster’s is a married woman in  charge of her household. I know quite a few of these women. My former next door neighbor who has three children 5, 3 and 1; now there’s a housewife. In between nursing,  cooking and doing laundry for a family of five, she... Read more »

Gary Gulman "Boyish Man" appearing at The Chicago Improv

A few years back when “Last Comic Standing” actually had funny comics, this tall Jewish hunk of a guy blew me away with what Wikipedia refers to as his “absurd observations about everyday occurrences”. Loving sarcasm as I do, I have been hooked on Gulman ever since.  The fact that the guy has the best... Read more »