American Idol's cheesiest night?

I’m all about drama and excitement on Idol’s results night but last night left me cringing just a little bit. I already get a little nauseated at the groups opening numbers but Hulk Hogan? Really?

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of American Idol and what it does for young hopeful singers. I have never missed a season and am thoroughly enjoying this years talent. I have attended several of the summer tours and thoroughly enjoyed those too. 
However, and that’s a huge however, I don’t get why the producers felt the need to have Hulk Hogan “punch” Seacrest and watch him “fumble” (that’s a cross between fake and stumble) into the audience. It gave me the shivers and not like when one of the contestants sings well. 
This is a tough season. There are so many talented performers and no looming Sanjaya types that we pray to get voted off every week. The website “” must be having a tough time this year. We’ve got such an interesting array of singers. 
Here’s my take on them so far:
1) Pia Toscano (Pia and Thia Megea, what are the odds?) is gorgeous and has a great shot at winning. She has a hugely wide range and can sing her butt off. I don’t know why she is being told to run all over the stage and be like Celine Dion. Has anyone ever seen how Celine runs around the stage? 
2) Paul McDonald – Will win for brightest, whitest teeth but not for his quirky dancing and song choices. I loved him when he sang “Blackbird” in the auditions but has been downhill since then. 
3) Thea Megea – Time to go, time to go, time to go. 
4) Stefano Langone – Eh. Won’t be around too much longer. 5) Bromance buddy James Durbin will be around for quite some time as his Adam Lambert like screaming seems to be well received. And he is good. Just made me a bit uncomfortable last night when he went berserk over Hulk Hogan.   
6) Jacob Lusk – While I do think he is an excellent singer, his mannerisms and screaming/crying are a bit over the top. Settle down boy. 
7) Scotty McCreary – Oh you cute little Howdy Doody plush toy. I just want to squeeze you and turn the lights way down low. And tuck you in night night. Precious but doesn’t need Idol to have a long career in Nashville. We’ll be seeing him at the Country Music Awards. 
8) Haley Reinhart – Love the straight hair look. And with this week’s incredibly good perfomance and no smear lipstick, she may very well have changed her course on Idol. I don’t think we’ll be seeing her in the bottom three again for awhile. 
9) Naima Adedapo – I’m sorry but I just don’t care for her. I have never thought she was wild card worthy! I am glad that Marc Anthony taught the kids how to use their earphones so at least she wasn’t a “pitchy” mess this week. Tribal dancing = innapropriate for the venue. Just my opinion, no hate mail please. 
10) Lauren Alaina – Pretty girl, good voice. I just don’t think she has the personality to go very far. 
11) Casey Abrams – Crazy good voice but needs to tone down his “antics” as the judges call them. Could use a shave and a haircut too. Just saying. Could win the Emmy this year for best dramatic performance during an American Idol save.
I’m glad the judges got the save out of the way. BUT, America, get your voting priorities in order. Casey was most definitely not deserving of the bottom spot. I did notice a look of fear on the faces of the remaining contestants. No more save? Game on. 
And one last note about last night; Jennifer Hudson singing “Where you at”. Jennifer minus about 90 lbs. that is. Jennifer: Where YOU at?

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