American Idol: If you're going to do Elton John, you better be good

Tonight on American Idol the contestants were asked to sing the songs of Elton John. Those who know me best know that I am over the top, out of control ridiculous when it comes to him. I have been obsessed with Elton since 1970 and could have bought a house with what I have spent to see him over the years. So, if you are going to have a night filled with people taking on his music, they’d better be damned good. 

The first song to send me into my Elton frenzy was “Daniel”. At the time we had a super groovy phonograph on which if you left the arm up, the 45 RPM record would play over and over again. Tonight, Thia sang that song and my memories were destroyed. She needed to go home the first week of eliminations and now she REALLY needs to go. 
Throughout the years “Tiny Dancer” became my favorite all time Elton John song. Stefano sang it and made me wish he had been eliminated last week when it was down to he and Casey. Speaking of Casey, he had one of the few great performances tonight singing “Your Song”. Good thing the judges saved him. Lauren was fantastic doing “Candle in The Wind” and Haley did a good job on “Bennie and The Jets”. 
And then there was Paul. “Rocket Man” is many people’s favorite Elton song. If you have ever seen him sing it live, it is not just a performance, it’s an experience. It has brought me to tears and tonight Paul brought me to tears as well. But only because his rendition was so bad.
Naima, you should no longer be standing after that Reggae, please make it stop, spin on “I’m Still Standing”. Awful, awful, awful. Sorry, I call it as I see it. When you are up against one of the greatest voices of all time, you gotta be amazing. You have to “bring it” as they all say. 
So while the kids all gave it the old college try, few are getting passing grades. I am the self appointed EJ afficianado and there simply isn’t a soul on Earth that can do Elton, except for Elton. Watch the video and I rest my case. (At around the 6:30 mark prepare for major goosebumps)

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