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Saturday Morning Video: E-Z Egg Cracker

Who knew that you needed one of these?

Sunday Web Find: Ball on a string

Can you make the ball color change? Easier said, than done!

Saturday Morning Video: Moving Walls


Westboro Baptist is back to remind you 'God Hates Fags'

The Westboro Baptist Church is back in town this week reminding all of us that ‘God Hates You’ ‘You’re Going To Hell’ and that ‘God Hates Fags’ just in case you had forgotten. The Phelps clan travels around the country spreading the literal interpretation of the Bible and reminding all of us that because we’re... Read more »

Saturday Morning Video: Addicted to the Haka

I don’t know what it is, but I’m addicted to the Haka….don’t know what the Haka is?  It a traditional group dance, very rhytmic, with very loud shouting and menacing moves tpically done by the Maori of New Zealand.  It’s a battle “dance” that is typically used to intimidate your opponent and bring them to submission.... Read more »

Thankful Oscars


Saturday Morning Video: Butt Drugs

Prop 8 Trial Re-enactment, Day 4 - Chapter 3

  Click through for the full episode listing. —>Check out Day 1, Chapter 1 —>Check out Day 1, Chapter 2 —>Check out Day 1, Chapter 3 —>Check out Day 1, Chapter 4 —>Check out Day 2, Chapter 1 —>Check out Day 2, Chapter 2 —>Check out Day 2, Chapter 3 —>Check out Day 2, Chapter... Read more »

Saturday Aftenoon Video: Facebook Parodies

Here’s a great commercial for Cafe World Here’s their take on Mafia Wars Click through for the original Farmville commecial.

Saturday Morning Video: Auto-Tune The News - Turtles