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Rick Perry has most hated video on YouTube

Rick Perry, you know that Texas guy that’s trying to get the Republican nomination for President, well apparently he’s more hated than Rebecca Black if you can believe that – at least on YouTube that is. For quite a while now, the Rebecca Black train wreck song “Friday” was the most hated song on YouTube... Read more »

Michele Bachman and the young activist

Michelle Bachman got an ear full from 8 year-old Elijah, just watch: It’s kind of hard to hear but apparently Elijah said that his Mom was gay and that she didn’t need fixing. The look on Michelle’s face is PRICELESS!   **UPDATE**  Here’s an update from the person that actually took the video – Jennifer... Read more »

Target set to change its political giving policy

In 2010 Target was the scene of a boycott by the LGBT community after it was discovered that they had made a $150,000 donation to the PAC MN Forward which supported anti-gay candidate for Governor Tom Emmers. Target has always been seen as an ally to the LGBT community but with this betrayl  a backlash... Read more »

Harry Osterman to Announce Campagain for Alderman

State Representative Harry Osterman is set to make an announcement this evening on his running for 48th Ward Alderman. Stop by the Broadway Armory (5900 N Broadway) this evening at 6:30PM when he will make an official announcement of his entry into the Aldermanic race after it was announced earlier this summer that long-term Alderwoman... Read more »

Peaceful Protest held at Uptown Target

Peaceful Protest held at Uptown Target
Nearly 50 people gathered in front of the newest Target Store in Uptown to protest the companies $150K donation to Minnesota Forward, a PAC that supports Tom Emmers for Governor. 16-year old Zachary Fraum was outraged when he learned that Target had donated money to the PAC that supports a politician who feels that marriage... Read more »

Protest Scheduled at Target this Saturday

It’s time to get your protest shoes on and head to Uptown where a demonstration is scheduled for Saturday at 11AM. I’m the first to say that I love me some Red Dot Boutique (aka Targay, aka Target) but the shenanigans they pulled recently by donating money to Minnesota Forward has lit a fire under... Read more »

What's A Boy To Do on The Nick Digilio Show

If you didn’t get a chance to catch me on The Nick Digilio Show this past weekend, or even if you did, now you can listen to it online! The team at Nick’s show has generously posted my segment with Nick on the web so you can listen to it over and over again. Click... Read more »

Steans introduces Marriage Equality Bill in IL Senate

Illinois Senator Heather Steans became the first in to introduce a Marriage Equality Bill to the Senate, Illinois SB2468.   Will we make it this time?   If you recall, earlier this year State Representative Greg Harris, who happens to be gay, tried to get HB2234 and SB1716 to the floor before the end of... Read more »

Pucker up Baby, it's time for a Kiss-in

Recently the news has been filled with a lot of  LGBT harrassment.  There was a gay couple arrested in Salt Lake City for kissing on a public way that’s owned by the Mormon Church.  In El Paso, Texas a gay couple was ejected from an eatery because they were kissing.  Is kissing that bad?  Apparently... Read more »

Civil Unions in Illinois as early as next week?

Illinois House Bill 2234 – Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act is set to go before the full state House and Senate next week for a vote and get passed! This bill has been making it’s way through the system for a few months now.  The House Youth and Family Committee who sponored... Read more »