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Illinois couples taking advantage of civil unions

According to a release from Equality Illinois, almost 4000 couples have taken advantage of the new Civil Union law that went into effect in Illinois on June 1st.  I know that I was one of those couples when I married, er I mean Civil Unionized, with my partner this summer. Equality Illinois went to every... Read more »

Michele Bachman and the young activist

Michelle Bachman got an ear full from 8 year-old Elijah, just watch: It’s kind of hard to hear but apparently Elijah said that his Mom was gay and that she didn’t need fixing. The look on Michelle’s face is PRICELESS!   **UPDATE**  Here’s an update from the person that actually took the video – Jennifer... Read more »

Illinois Allows Joint Tax Filing for Civil Union Couples

Hot off the presses! Well the internet presses that is. Illinois couples in a civil union will for the first time ever in the state be able to file joint state tax returns – the same as heterosexual couples. Here’s all the news from Equality Illinois: Equality Illinois, the state’s oldest and largest organization advocating... Read more »

LGBT North Carolinian's get rejected when asking for marriage licenses

We are fortunate to live in a state where LGBT couples can apply for and receive a Civil Union license, but there are still many of our brothers and sisters who don’t have that right. I know that Civil Unions are not the same as marriage, but I at least had the chance to go... Read more »

Are you Dining Out for Equality

It’s that time of year, the time when we support our favorite causes without going to gala after gala with tickets way to expensive for most of us to enjoy, but instead get to “Dine Out” at our favorite restaurant where part of the proceeds from the evening benefit an organization.  Next week on September... Read more »

Reggae Singer Mistah Majah P sings out against Gay Bullying

Jamaica is known to be hostile towards the homosexual community and many reggae singers, like Buju Banton, even advocate the killing and maiming of homosexuals.  So it’s refreshing to see a Jamaican born reggae singer speak out against bullying, check out this great song from Mistah Majah P.

Boystown CAPS Meeting set for Wednesday July 6

With all of the recent street activity in Boystown – including a videotaped melee that showed a 25 year old man getting stabbed – it’s time to take back the streets. It seems as though every summer there as in an increase in pedestrian traffic in Boystown and with that comes an influx of issues... Read more »

Positive Loitering in Boystown this Saturday Night

As I’m sure you’re all aware, with the start of summer there has been an increase of crime in the city – specifically in Boystown. Over the past few weeks there have been numerous muggings, attacks and even stabbings in the middle of our community – something needs to give.  To help combat some of... Read more »

New York passes marriage equality

In a 33-29 vote, the New York senate passed the Marriage Equality bill that will allow same-sex marriage. New York will be the sixth state, and the largest, to allow same-sex couples to marry and receive all the benefits allowed for opposite sex couples and is only the second state to do so via legislative... Read more »

Chicago Cubs release "It Gets Better" video in support of LGBT Youth

With the phenomenon of the “It Gets Better” program which was started by Dan Savage earlier this year, the Chicago Cubs have just released their own video in support of anit-gay bullying. The one-minute long video contains clips from Mike Quade, Bob Dernier, Ryan Demptser, Marlon Byrd, Darwin Barney and co-owner Laura Ricketts who is... Read more »