Rick Perry has most hated video on YouTube

Rick Perry, you know that Texas guy that’s trying to get the Republican nomination for President, well apparently he’s more hated than Rebecca Black if you can believe that – at least on YouTube that is.

For quite a while now, the Rebecca Black train wreck song “Friday” was the most hated song on YouTube with more than a quarter of a million “dislikes.”  But now the fortunate Governor of Texas has taken that title away from Black with his latest video “Strong” where he’s shaming the country for allowing Gays to serve in the military.

In the video, Perry is trying to look all cowboyish by wearing a tan coat and walking through the woods and lambasting the country by saying there’s got to be something wrong when gays can serve openly in the military and kids can’t celebrate Christmas in school.  As of this posting, Perry’s video has more than 355,000 dislikes, far eclipsing Blacks mere quarter of a million – and Perry was able to do it in only a few days where it took weeks for Black to get that distinction.

Here’s a screen cap:

Oh, and who ever was in charge of his wardrobe for the commercial sure went to great lengths to make sure that he was wearing a coat very similar to the one that the late Heath Ledger wore in that gay classic – Brokeback Mountain.

Yeah – he’s totally not gay!


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  • Hey, your article got a mention in BoingBoing.net's coverage of the video!

    Although I gotta say, there's never been that much variety in the design of poser cowboy wear.

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    467,000 "dislikes" as of 4:05 PM on 12/9.

  • As of today (Saturday, December 10) it's at 550,000 DISLIKES!

    Keep it going Perry!!!

  • As of Tuesday Dec 13: 671,855 Dislikes.

  • In reply to Conchobar:

    thanks for the update....it's amazing how this just grows and grows!

  • "Strong" never even came close to the most disliked video.. It currently has almost 800,000 dislikes.

    Rebecca Black's "Friday" still holds the record for the most disliked YouTube video of all time, tallying in at roughly 3.2 million.

    The original "Friday" video was removed in June 2011, so the video that you're referring to is an unofficial copy.

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